Thursday, November 27, 2008

Neuropathy Cure Search

About once a week I search for cures for Neuropathy cures.

This search has been extensive.

The latest pain reliever I have found is an ointment called Neuragen PN.
I have tried it twice and the results for me are not in,yet.
Do a search on You Tube for this product.One guy showed the product being applied.
He said his pain was gone in 3 minutes after suffering for 3 years.
It is not cheap of course.I paid $30.00 for 0.17 fluid ounces.(5ml).It does have a strong oder which I don't like.But the smell does seem to go away with time.
Take a look,this may be helpful for you.
Frankly there is nothing new to report on cures.Its not high on the list of celebrities causes.

Neuropathy can't be seen.Those who have it look like normal people.
But those of us who have it may be on the verge of being desperate.(I am not desperate,just anxious.)
Let us keep looking and please let me know if you find anything new.

email Thanks,Mike

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted

In Australia,voting is mandatory.I don't know what the penalty is for not voting,but mandatory voting?
I think this is a good idea but would not work in America.

I have customers who left Cuba in 1959.Their votes could only be counted one way.There are no parties to choose from.
Leaving Cuba is and was no easy task.When my customers were leaving,they had to account for everything in the house.
Including their kids toys,toilet paper,light bulbs.
You see everything in Cuba belongs to the state.Every single thing.You have no property.

China says women were allowed to vote in 1949.
If you are communist this is fine.
If you are not communist,you will suffer.

Kuwait gave women the right to vote in 2005,United Arab Emirates in 2006.

South Africa gave blacks the right to vote in 1994.

Voting is a duty as as American,is is however not mandatory.
I see people who have stated (online) "My vote won't count anyway"This is incorrect thinking.
Think about the vets who gave their life for our freedom.
You have the right not to vote,but you are an idiot.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tips and Things Parents Need to Think About

Let your kids be kids,don't be overly strict.
If you see them forming incorrect ideas,take them aside and talk.Do not fret so much.
Hugs are meaningful.
Communication is 2 ways,listen to your kids.
Let them have their own music,I know I was far from my parents music.
Find a church where the youth pastor is real.
The youth pastor may be more important in shaping kids ideas then yours.Be careful and watchful of course.
Let them have friends,some will annoy you to no end.Friends need to be welcomed,watched for their lifestyle decisions and let them be.
Trust your kids.
Talk about the Bible.

Be patient when they are little,don't be annoyed at little things.In the 18 years you have them little things do not matter.
Smile at your kids,sometimes smiles are better than comments.
Support your spouse in all things first.Do not be divided in opinions.Talk about your kids often.
I never read a book about How To Raise Your Children.
Christianity and instinct are your best guides.
Let your kids know your friends.This is important.Let them know you have chosen your friends with care.
The most important is having Jesus in your life at all times.Do not abandon faith when times are hard.Your kids will see this.They may not comment about it,but believe me they see it.

These are some things that I learned.All my kids are married and have kids of their own.11 so far!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Things to Do When You Run Out of Words to Say

You know of course 'I love you' is fine,it is easy to say.It has real meaning if you look her in the eyes.
Sometimes there is more you want to say that expresses the I Love You's in a different way.

Telling her 'This is the Best Grilled Sandwich Ever In The History The World' is nice but is that what you really wanted her to hear?
Try this,take a minute,ask her to sit down.
Say this: You have prepared 10,000 meals for me.You have expressed your love and care for me in every single one. You are the best.
To say I love you in different ways,try this: Pick up the vacuum cleaner, the rug,move the furniture an vacuum under.Take the extension hose thing and go round the corners of the ceiling.
That will take 30 minutes or less out of your life.She will appreciate it and gaze at you with wonder.
Learn to turn on the dishwasher when it is full. Learn how to empty it when it is done.
I have recently learned this life lesson.
Straighten out the room were she works so hard.The laundry room should not be a dreary place.
I am starting to remodel our laundry room completely,new floor,new walls,painting the ceiling and making the room nice.
That's another life lesson I am learning.
Now here is a simple thing: Take out the trash.This going through the house, emptying all the little trash cans you can find.Pick plastic bags in the cans.
That will also take less than 30 minutes. Maybe 15.
If you work out of your car like I do, pick up the trash.This makes her happy to ride in a clean car. This will actually make both of you happier.By now you are seeing insights into my life.

Take her out to a real nice restaurant once in a while.Try a Tuesday night.Places are not to crowded and it sure helps break up the week.

These are things I have learned after being married for a long time.Yes,I am a slow learner but I think I am getting better.She thinks so to.
Read the same book that she has liked.This will help you relate in a new way.

If you can do this well,pay all the bills.This will ot take long and you can tell her all the bills are paid.This can be a relief to her.If you don't do the job well, ask her for her help.

Encourage her in her hobbies.Encourage her to have a life outside of the home life.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Yes I will vote in the upcoming election.
I have my opinions and you probably have yours.
So, saying that, what will change with a new leader? Who knows?
I think that we little people will have more taxes no matter who gets elected.
I am sure we will be more regulated.
I am sure Homeland Security will become more powerful.
The Supreme Court will make asinine decisions.
Our government will make moves toward socialism.
Some people will become so politically correct some of us will puke.
We will be disgusted by war efforts or lack o war efforts.

Our country suffers from so many ill's,so many bad things.
I think that whoever will become president will be high on our nations approval,then begin to decline and then we will all dislike him immensely.

Ok, enough negative writing.
I can only say that we still have the best country in the world,and we are really blessed by God.
Let us keep it that way.

At This Very Moment

At this moment in time,even as I am writing this,(it's 10 36 PM) are we are of Heaven?
I think that at this very moment,(a whole minute has gone by) millions of souls are there.
What did those millions of souls do in that minute? Were they just hanging around, watching TV?
Were they playing with their hobbies? Painting the ceiling? Making plans for tomorrow?
We will be surprised when we get there,I don't believe anyone has the idea of Heaven entirely correct.
They were aware of God and His presence I am sure.
Many generations of my family are there.Many are not I suppose.
My prayer today that all my family and all my extented family members will gather on that golden shore some fine day.
We can have a family reunion!
Can you imagine how happy we will be?
I was so happy to see so many of my family at a picnic last June,it was to me a taste of what was to come. I didn't want it to end,I did want to just stay and hang out with my loved ones.
That minute I mentioned a bit ago is now long gone.The people in Heaven have not wasted a second,although I can't imagine what it is like,it is amazing to think of.
How much I miss you Dad and Mom,how I look forward to seeing you again.
The Bible says this about it, from Isaiah 35.

1 The land that was desolate and impassable shall be glad, and the wilderness shall rejoice, and shall flourish like the lily.2 It shall bud forth and blossom, and shall rejoice with joy and praise: the glory of Libanus is given to it: the beauty of Carmel, and Saron, they shall see the glory of the Lord, and the beauty of our God.3 Strengthen ye the feeble hands, and confirm the weak knees.4 Say to the fainthearted: Take courage, and fear not: behold your God will bring the revenge of recompense: God himself will come and will save you.5 Then shall the eyes of the blind be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped.6 Then shall the lame man leap as a hart, and the tongue of the dumb shall be free: for waters are broken out in the desert, and streams in the wilderness.7 And that which was dry land, shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water. In the dens where dragons dwelt before, shall rise up the verdure of the reed and the bulrush.8 And a path and a way shall be there, and it shall be called the holy way: the unclean shall not pass over it, and this shall be unto you a straight way, so that fools shall not err therein.9 No lion shall be there, nor shall any mischievous beast go up by it, nor be found there: but they shall walk there that shall be delivered.10 And the redeemed of the Lord shall return, and shall come into Sion with praise, and everlasting joy shall be upon their heads: they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and mourning shall flee away.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

39 Years and We Still Hold Hands

October 18,1969 was the day Linda and I got married.

It was a day exactly like today,cool,sunny and very pleasant.

I could write about all the years,all the ups and downs but I thought would just tell you about today.

Today we woke up late,there was no real reason to rush off.

We had our late breakfast,went to the post office,I took coffee with me.She forgot hers so we stopped at an oasis to get her some.

We then made 3 very nice profitable service calls.All 3 were old customers who were glad to see us and we were glad to see them.

When we finished with our work we went to our favorite Italian place for a late lunch,The Island Cafe in Blue Island,Illinois.

Since Linda was driving we took a nice way home,past the ghetto territory and then through the woods.

On 135th street is a forest preserve where we spent a lot of time with our friends before we were married.She proceeded to pull into the woods where she parked the car.

We talked for a bit,then she kissed me and we held hands.

The days end found us talking to the our kids on the phone and on the computer.

We finished the night by watching a movie which we liked a lot.

So we now start another year.

I am blessed beyond all measure.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Tom came into my life when I had four little ones.
I was young,maybe 32,he was much younger,maybe 24.
Somehow we met, we probably became friends because we had some of the same interests.
I think was radios.
I never knew his last name.
He was tough, acted that way and dressed the part.Long stringy hair,black boots,blue jeans and a black motorcycle jacket.
Here I was with 4 kids,trying my best to keep them from bad influence but I knew this Tom was different
He liked me,admired my wife and thought highly of my kids.
Many times he stopped by my house and I was glad he did.I didn't know where he lived or how he supported himself.
He once said he had just found a job,somewhere.
When he stopped by we talked sometimes about my relationship with God and how much it had changed me.I told him I was once like him but had found something good.
I invited Tom to church and to our surprise he showed up,dressed as usual.
I introduced Tom to some people who were for the most part happy to see him.One lady was so nice,she looked him in the eyes and not at his clothes.She said,'Tom,it is such a pleasure to have you here."
I was so impressed with the people of my church who welcomed him.Tom came back to church many times.We had many more discussions about life in my little house.
Tom found God.
God had him in his plans since before time.
I explained this to Tom and he became more attached to God as time went on.
Sadly we lost contact with him,I never knew what became of Tom.
I can only hope he is doing well.Somewhere.
I think my relationship with Tom was a good one,I know now I should have pursued it further.
But I am human,and humans are not perfect.
And now I wonder where he is and hope he will stop by again.
I miss you Tom.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Last Words

Had a brief talk with my daughter Michelle about last words.
It got me thinking,what will be my last words?
I hope I am not in some drug induced stupor that makes me say crazy things.
Something like,Michelle paint your car blue and take out your furniture.
My mom talked to a lady about Jesus,this was one of the last times mom was in the hospital.
The lady was in the bed next to mom.She was held captive by my mom,I think this was a good thing and I believe this lady needed to hear the story of Jesus's love.
She did not let up or mention it in a casual way.I remember mom being almost forceful with this lady. One of her last words.

Robert E.Lee said 'Strike the Tent".His past came back to him at his deathbed.

I hope I am lucid.I hope I say something profound! Something that will go down in history as so wise,so amazing,Pastors will preach about it.Books will be written about the Wisdom of Mike.
Presidents will quote me, my brother Bud will become famous because he is related to me.
My kids will memorize me, a large tombstone with my quote written on it will be erected in Washington!
Well.Reality being what it is,I just hope to go peacefully.
I think I would like to say as my last words,Jesus here I come.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Working and Updates and Thoughts

I am working half days now,but it seems like I can stay busy all day.
Nap time comes around 3 PM and we do look forward to an hours rest.
I am still taking 10 pills a day for pain,but I am doing better than I was a year ago.Much better.
My cane is only needed for long walks now,and I am glad about that.

I am enjoying ham radio a lot,after being away from it for a while it is good to be with friends again with the same interests.Soon the sun spots will be back to begin a 11 year cycles and that will make a big difference in communications.I look forward to filling my log book with many foreign contacts.It truly is a fun,but expensive hobby.

This is a time in my life where I seem to do a lot of looking back.
Do I have regrets,well yes.
Do I dwell on them,well no.
I think dwelling on past mistakes will bring you far away from God.
God has forgotten our sins,we should too.How great is that?

Now a few of my grandkids are getting to be almost teens,I do think about their future.
It is tough times for them,the temptations are greater then when I was a teen.
How important it is to pray for them daily,to remind God how important these kids are.
To keep them strong,and to keep the legacy of true Christianity going on,and on.
To pray that all will find Christian mates,this is sincere hope and my continuing prayer.
To you grandkds, I will pray daily for you,all of you,by name.
I am so grateful to the Lord for your parents, how good it is to see you all being raised in such a fine way.
Laughing with you,amazed at how different you all are,stunned by the stands you have taken already in your young lives,I count this as one of my life's most precious blessings.
God,is good.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

No Ugly Words

We went to a granddaughters birthday party on Sunday,my Maddie turned 10 years old.
It was a typical birthday party. Loud,laughing,babies falling over stuff,opening presents,kids showing off,me enjoying every minute.
Carrying the babies,walking around the house,being part of every conversation,watching the older kids playing games.
Sitting with the old people,listening to 10 conversations,participating in some.Lost in their talk,I go back to the kids.
I noticed something going on here.
There were no ugly words spoken,no cuss words,no -I hate yous',no-That's Mine!.
I go into the kitchen,I hear Joel talking about his school,the kids always are saying OH MY GOD!.
He refuses to use those words.
It's now common,it is used everywhere,even Christian people.
When people say it,they don't realize what they are saying,OH MY GOD is not to be used lightly.
I hear it used by kids,adults,my customers,even on line I see the abbreviation...OMG.
Looking back at the party,there was no ugly words,none.
I am proud of my kids and how they are raising theirs.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In Times Like These

So many people have lost so much money in the last few days.
The economy is tanking.
So many killings in the city that I live next to.
So many are happy or sad about the baseball season,this is all fun but not life changing.
How many are behind in paying bills,mortgages and all.
How many will lose their homes this year?
These times are very hard for so many,imagine the depression taking place in their lives.
I have even seen my own neighbor abandon his home,take off for parts unknown with his car packed full.Kids in the back seat among groceries,chairs,bedding and all the stuff you need to live.
Many are unhappy in their jobs,their marriages,just life in general seems to be one unhappy life.

My own life has been happy,but I have to watch myself carefully.
If my work is slow,I am down.
If my wife and I have a disagreement it bothers me a lot.(This happens much less the longer we are married.)
Sometimes an old hymn comes to mind,sometimes a verse from the Bible.
Tonight it is this:
In times like these you need a Savior
In times like these you need an anchor;
Be very sure, be very sure
Your anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock!

In times like these I have a Savior,
In times like these I have an anchor;
I'm very sure, I'm very sure
My anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock!

Words and Music by Ruth Caye Jones

For My Maddie

Dearest Maddie,
I heard that you were baptized recently.
My health has been a bit on the down side so I could not see it.
A few things I wanted to say to you,and writing them last lasts longer than me telling you in person.
Baptism is truly a wonderful thing,it is one of the things Jesus said to do.
I was baptized when I was a baby and obviously have no memory of it.My parents meant well and for them it was a form of dedicating my life to God.
When I was about 35 or so I was baptized again.How well I remember it.
You have made a wise decision,this is something you will remember for the rest of your life.
When tempted by life's bad things you can bring your baptism to mind and say to your self,I am baptized,I followed the Lord Jesus by doing what He asked.I am His and nothing can change that.I have the Lord Jesus living in my heart and I have no use for evil.
My dear granddaughter,this shows a great maturity in your life,it shows how your life in Jesus has grown.You have touched me in a great way and reminded me of my own commitment to Jesus.
How often I have prayed for you,how often you are in my thoughts.
You are continuing the legacy of our ancestors who also loved and lived for the Lord Jesus.
May you grow always in Jesus,and I know He will always be with you,like He is with me.
You have made me very happy and very proud.
Your papa loves you very much.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I have written about losing a pet before.
Now once again we are losing another Golden Retriever, Norma Jean.
A most loyal and loving companion.
She can longer eat.We thought maybe it was just a passing virus,but this time it is serious.
It is time for me to make a decision.I don't think I am brave enough.
I hope she goes peacefully in her sleep,very soon.

Chicago Killings

More kids killed this weekend in Chicago.
One was killed in a park, one killed in his home.Stray bullets.
Chicago you sicken me.
I pray for you Chicago,hoping and praying that there still is hope.
I do not believe there is any thing man can do.Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson,continue with your rhetoric.Continue talking about the problem.Nothing will happen.
The murder rate is now 18% higher than a year ago.

Now only a miracle can change this horrible city.
May God intervene.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


History makes us who we are.
If my great grandparents/ancestors were Roman Catholic would I be Catholic today?
They were not,so here I am with protestant beliefs.There are my children and grandchildren with their protestant beliefs.
This is history that could not have been changed.

Everything in our lives would have been different.

Somewhere,somehow some long lost relative,probably in France took a stand.
He or she could no longer believe in Catholics and their tradition.

The family fled France and went to Holland.
So for many years we called ourselves Reformed, Christian Reformed or Dutch Reformed.
The family has few ties now with the traditional Reformed churches.
Changes are now happening,the families churches are now varied.
We are all what the world would call just Christians.
In my eyes this is not a bad thing though it may be sad for my ancestors who believed their way was the only way.I am sorry my old grandparents,but this is a better way.
Your faith had sustained you for so many years,but now we seek a freedom in Christ that you never knew.I certainly mean no disrespect for without you and your faith we would be lost.
Time will come when you greet me, and we will rejoice and be very glad for that one lone ancestor in the south of France who was seeking freedom.

Soon and Very Soon

Many of you know I make service calls for a living.
When I was younger I would go anywhere to make a service call,I had 4 little mouths to feed and money was tight.
A call came in, I was wanted in the ghetto,somewhere about 35th street in Chicago.
The neighborhood was bad,getting there was bad and I was worried.This was in the 1970's.I was about 25.
How the people got money to pay for the call I never knew,but I went.
I parked in the lot of the high rise,I was a nervous.
A black guy in a phone service truck pulled in,I decided I would follow him.
We got on the same elevator.He got off on the third floor.
The people lived somewhere about the 25th floor.
The ride continued to the floor I wanted,the elevator stopping every few floors to let more people on.
It seemed like it was the most crowded elevator in the history of the world.

I got off on my floor,looked for the apartment I needed to go to.There were no numbers on the doors.The place smelled bad.Music was blaring.
Young guys followed me,watched and made me more nervous.
I was carrying my large tool box,it weighed about 20 pounds and seemed to get heavier with every step.
After much searching I found the apartment.I talked to the lady who lived there as she casually smashed a cockroach with her thumb.Right on the wall.
The service call was over,I left knowing I had a long ride down.
At least 5 guys were following me now,into the elevator,they pressed the numbers on the wall for every floor.
I was sweating,thinking this is not worth it.
Comments were made,"What was he doing here? What's in the box you are carrying?"
I ignored them,I just tried to be cool.
At the fifteenth floor the ride down became really bad,I was more nervous,sweating,and hated this place.
A young girl got on,the guys got quiet,She was exceptionally pretty.
The doors closed. we continued down.
She started softly singing..Soon and Very Soon We Are Going to See The King.She sang quietly but all were listening,She looked me right in the eyes,smiled at me and then I knew.I was God's and He was with me.
Many years later I think of this.Some told me maybe she was singing about my demise,Soon and Very Soon..
So, who was this girl? An angel? I think so.
I got out of the building,got on with my life.
But I still remember.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Things That Happened

As a kid,I had a train set in the basement.
I think it was Lionel,with other cars and engines I inherited from my brothers.
My dad bought this set for me and one of my special engines was a orange one.Dad called it a worker.
I remember it was a powerful engine and I had a lot of fun with it.
Hours were spent in that basement,playing with the trains.

I once dicovered a walkie talkie set in the base ment that my dad had planned to surprise me with.
It was mentioned by me that I had found this,my brother Bud covered for dad by saying it was a gift for my dad's partner's kid.
I never got the walkie talkie set.

There was a milk man's door on our back porch.As a small kid I could wiggle through.
I did this to the amazement of my mom.Maybe I could get my head through now.

My grandfather John lived with us.He would always burn garbage even though we had regular garbage pick up.
Once when burning garbage he put in an aerosol can.Of course it exploded in the heat and hit him just above the eye. Mom was very mad.

Once I cut school for the day, I think I was 15.Mom came home.I panicked and hid in the attic.
I heard her coming up the steps,more panic...
As I was hiding,I heard the attic door open,I hid in the corner.
She never saw me.I guess that's what you call hiding in plain sight.

more to come

Monday, August 18, 2008

You Husbands and Your Wives

How many meals has she prepared for you and the family.

How many times,when you knew she was tired you didn't offer to get fast food?

When did you last thank her for doing your laundry.I promise you,laundry is not a lot of fun.

Do you remember when you wanted her for your wife? What were you thinking then? What are you thinking now?

Is the little flirting with the girl from the office ok with your wife?
How about the girl online who you don't know and have never seen? Does your wife think this is innocent fun?

She is the mother of your children.
The guardian of those you love most.
Do not take it lightly.
I know some men who will get up with a sick kid in the middle of the night.
Do you?

When she is sick,do you step in? Do your part? Anything? Anyone?

Have you put up with her career as secondary?
Do you support her hobbies,or just think they are silly and humor her?

Will she be your life-mate? Will she be with you in 25 years?
Do you understand God's thinking in your relationship with your wife?

Men,I have been married 38 years now, so I know a bit about marriage.
Please don't read this post as judgemental.
I sometimes need to remember what a jewel I have.
Let's thank God he gave our wives great patience.

I have not quoted scripture here and maybe I should have,but there are biblical principles here.

Women, go ahead print this out.Leave it on his pillow,put it in his briefcase or make a paper air-plane of it and aim it at his head.

Update On The Garden of Lanting

The last couple of days have been dry here.
I really did not water as I should have,everything looked good yesterday.
Today many of the plants looked a bit wilted,so I watered the unhappy plants.
Guilty me,I thought.Neglecting my efforts that I worked so hard on.

As I was watering,I thought about the care I put into this small garden
It is now my third year of gardening so I am still new at it.

Some plants have come back for 3 years ans seem to thrive,some never came back and some are dismal failures.
There are plants that are ground cover,they are ok but don't do much.
Large plants that are suppose to flower but never do,they have no redeeming value.
Some have such beautiful flowers I am amazed.Something I put in the ground,and it looks so good.

God has tended me for all my years.Every year He is there watering,weeding and He uses the utmost care in my life.
He has built a fence around me.If I step out on my own I am vulnerable to the bad things in life.
He has always been there,never forgetting me.
Our God does not know neglect.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

For My Belle

My Dearest Isabelle,

Right now you are very young,and then someday you will be old like papa.
Can you believe that?

I am writing this to you in hopes that you will remember how much I love you.

It may seem funny to you now,but someday you will leave home,you will get married and have little kids,just like you are now.
Here are some things I would like you to think about as you grow up.

Love Jesus first,always. He loves you because you have been made by Him.
Don't you love the things you make? You want to keep them forever.
Belle, he wants to keep you forever.

Make a lot of friends,never let silly fights make you think you don't like a person.
Fights that last for five short minutes can make you change the way you think about them forever.
Be the first to forgive.

Love your mom and dad always.Remember how they care for every little thing in your life.
Parents really do know whats best for you.Always obey.

Belle, raise your children like your mom and dad are raising you.

Laugh a lot.Don't be ashamed to cry when you get older.

Ask Jesus about things,ask Him if you're life is pleasing to him.

Love your sisters like best friends,Jesus made them too.You will always have your sisters.

If this post lasts for 30 years,read it again.

With Much Love,

I Am The Person Who Goes Back

I am the person who goes back.
I have driven back to the house I grew up in.
Parked nearby and wondered about a lifetime spent there.
So many memories, so fast the time went.

I went back to a factory where I once worked as a younger guy.
Seven years of my life I worked there.
I saw it empty, just a shell of a large building now.
There was nothing left.Just walls that held so many sights of my life.
I walked through. I stood a while. Life goes on.

My parents summer home in Michigan on the lake.
I walked through that old house,little remains now.It's all new and remodeled.
I saw the bedroom where I slept,the knotty pine walls.
Mom and dad lived here.
I walked on the shore where I grew up.
The old dock my dad had built still stands.
This is the place where I fished where I made friends with stray dogs.
This is the placed that I loved as a boy.
No, you can not go home again.Life goes on.

Campsites where Lin and I camped with the 4 little ones.
Walking through the park,seeing young moms and dads with thier little ones.
Preserve your memories.
Take pictures,shoot movies of your family.
Life goes on.

We have lived in this house for so many years,it is like an old friend to us now.
I would stand in your doorways my children and watch you sleep.
I wondered about your futures,I wondered who you would marry.
If we had moved away so many years ago,well,we did not.God knew.I did not.We stayed.
Look at you now with all those babies of your own.
Life goes on.

I have walked through darkened churches.I sat there a while and prayed.
Feeling lost,then found.
I walked the halls and thought about the decisions made there.People came to God here.There really is nothing else.
Life changing decisions.
Committees that I was on,now replaced with new committees.
People getting things done.
Arguments in Christ's name, now seem so petty.So silly.
Life goes on.

So you see I am the person who goes back
At my age I still go back,I see the things of my life.I walked forever in these places. I hope I always will.
Life goes on and it is good.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Thoughts and memories.

I was maybe 4 or 5,I remember dad coming home from work.
He smelled like paint,how many times do I think of him when I smell fresh paint?

I worked with him once.Just once.I did not know what I was doing and he was not a good teacher of future employees.I never worked for him again,nor did he ask me to.

We didn't get along well until I was married.Then I grew up and we became pretty close.

Watching tv: I was about ten,looking at tv,I think we had 5 channels to choose from.
I would sit in front of the tv,changing channels as fast as I could.
My brothers yelled at me telling me i was going to ruin the channel switch.
I told them I would get pliers to change channels.
They told me that would wear down the switcher.I had nothing to say about that.
Isn't it odd and just weird the things we remember?

Going to church on Sunday mornings,Dad and my oldest brother Jack lighting smokes,me gagging in the back seat,getting yelled at for opening the window.

Me,not doing homework,parents yelling,but I was always somewhere else in my head.

Showing my dad a traffic ticket,on the day of my court date.That was not fun at all.

more later

Monday, August 11, 2008

Banana Peppers Part 2 and Other Things

I still have 2 banana peppers on my plant.
This will never work,I wanted my family to love me with my gifts of baskets of peppers. Disappointment is a hard cross to bare.I am sorry.

Watching some of the Olympics this week.One can not help but wonder about China and where the country is going.I think they can be evil,oppressive and anti-Christ.
There is always hope,I pray for the few Christians there.
Pray for an awakening,a coming of real knowledge of God and the plan of salvation.

My doctor has doubled my pain meds.There is not much difference yet.I am disappointed.
Remember me in your prayers friends,I find this disease wearisome.
It is taking energy which I can't afford to lose.
I am trying to remain active,going to ball games,going to my sons house,fishing,babysitting,and many other activities to keep me busy.
I think sometimes I am running on E.
Please pray.

Changing The World

What a small number of viewers I get to my blog.
It is ok though,I can see where the visitors are located.Not specifically but the state,country and general area.
I do get visits from many countries,which is great to see.
Remaining true to the cause, will continue to post small stories that interest me, and hopefully advance the kingdom in my own small way.
I see visitors have seen the post I made about 'There is No Cure".
My hope is that visitors will take a moment to think.
Thanks For Reading,

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Peripheral Neuropathy There Is No Cure

Peripheral Neuropathy There Is No Cure.

My visit to the doctor yesterday taught me nothing new.
My drugs were doubled.I now take 9 pain killers a day.
Then I also take a mess of pills for insulin.
Linda fortifies me with a whole bunch of vitamins.
I am learning not to complain.

The doctor looked me square in the eyes and told me,'There is no cure for Neuropathy.
There is nothing that can be done.
It is a progressive disease and it will get worse.All we can do is manage the pain.'

As I was listening to the doc I was thinking,'you are wrong Dr. N'.Very wrong.
If my God heals me he would be wrong.
I asked God for healing.
Now I learn to live with a new faith.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Banana Peppers

I planted a banana pepper plant about 8 weeks ago.
The plant has done well.That means it did not die.
I have waited to see how many peppers I will have.I thought I could have such a surplus I would give many to my family.They would then think highly of me.I would be praised by them.They would love me as no father has ever been loved before.
When I am long gone,say about 40 years from now they will remember my kindness.
They would remember me with a great fondness.
I planned on bringing a basket to my dear brother Bud's house.His family would then love him too.
Well, so far I have 2 healthy looking peppers.
My plans are not going to work.
There probably is a moral in this story.
Heck if I know what it is.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Death and Other Pleasing Thoughts For Your Enjoyment

You know,I am tired of death.I am tired of friends going before me.
I understand Lord why old people die,I don't always understand those deaths that seem so wrong.
I know my ways are not yours,but Lord forgive me and help me to become a more mature Christ-like person.

We don't suffer much here in America,I suppose because this was a blessing bestowed on us long ago.Can we give credit to the founding fathers of our land?
I think so.

Abe Lincoln was not gay.
I have read 99 per cent of his writings.His biographers never mention such a silly thing.
Have you who say so read as much as I? Have you researched his life from boyhood to his death as much as I? No,I did not think so.
You are deluded and need to get real.

If time does not exist in heaven,what is a clockmaker suppose to do.
God,I can fix clocks pretty well,I can raise a family pretty well,I am happily married after many years.I read a lot of books.
So Lord,what's the plan.
Ok,I will wait to find out.Just curious about it all.Thank You.

Looking at kids I taught in Sunday School,I see a lot of those kids have married and are raising families of their own.
I see some great success stories,I see some are divorced.
Lord, did I do any good there at all?
Not asking because I want credit or more points with You.
I guess I can wait to talk to you about it all.But part of me wants credit,maybe this is a sin,I don't know.
Well,life goes on and You have been with me every second of every day.
Thank You

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ellen,She Never Knew. Written For Maddie

Ellen never knew why she was not liked.
She had no friends in school.She always walked alone.
It began has a stupid kid's prank.In grammar school.
Spread a rumor.Tell all she has very bad body odor.
Laugh,look at her tears.
Ellen was not very pretty,she wore ugly glasses.
Her mother once had a birthday party for her.
About 10 or 12 attended,It was another disaster for Ellen.
She was the joke,she was the ugly one who had bad body odor and wore those ugly glasses.
She could not fit in with the others.
Steal her money from her desk,tell others how she cried again.Laugh.
High school was worse for Ellen.How alone can one person be?
I never saw her walking with anyone.
I heard they stole her yearbook.
How alone she must have felt.
I never saw Ellen again.She has been on my mind all these years.
How could we make it up to her now,so many years later?

My dear Maddie,watch the kids in your class,in your neighborhood.
A kind word,a small word of encouragement might make all the difference in the world to a kid.
Maddie I see in a kindness an awareness of how others feel..I know you are a person of great worth to all of us.
You are really a special kid to me,imagine how special you are to our Jesus.
Written with much love for you.
Love Papa

Robert, Slowly

Robert always took his time.
His bowling partners wanted to shoot him as he took a full minute take take his turn.
When he was pitching for the church softball team he took almost 2 minutes to throw the ball.
His tennis partners would be psyched out because he took so long to serve.
When he read a book he could not go further until he had understood everything on the page perfectly.
He had few friends,few had enough patience to deal with such a slow person.
His employer was always on the verge of firing him but Robert was doing his job and doing it correctly like few of his fellow employers have done.
Robert developed the habit of slowness over the years.His wife found his slowness interminable,he would take an hour to eat,he would take an hour in the shower.Breakfast, he would rise at 5 every morning because he knew it would take him two full hours to get ready. She had no love for this man,his kids avoided him altogether.If he started a conversation with them they knew they were trapped for an hour.
Robert knew he had this problem of slowness but after long thoughts he decided he could not change.
He tried praying about it but he felt God was getting bored.Who prays for 2 hours about their life's problems?
When Robert found out he was dying he knew had had much longer than the doctors gave him to live.What do doctors know? He could stretch out six months to two years,maybe three.He lived another six.
When Robert did die,his wife had him buried the next day.
After 40 years of his slowness she was happy he was gone and could get on with her life.
Arriving in heaven,St.Peter asked Robert why he was so late? Robert replied he wanted to be sure of eternal life before he walked through the pearly gates.
After being in heaven for almost 2,000 years he thought..I have so much time now,I can worship God until the eternal clock ran down.
When Robert's wife arrived a few years after Robert,he took about 200 years to greet her.
God didn't mind any of Roberts slowness.He was pleased and smiled.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Michael Peters,Cubs Fan

I have been a baseball fan all my life.
The Cubs Won the Series in 1969,the Santo years.I am coming out,I am taking all the credit. I did it.It was me who helped the Cubs win.
The early years we could only catch a game on the radio.It was a challenge then because only a few had radio's in the depression years.
We suffered then,always hoping for the Series championship.1945 did not count I thought.All the good guys were still fighting WW II.
The 1940's were awful.But we always had some hope some miracle would happen.
In 1948 I saw the first television broadcast on a small 6 inch screen of a Cubs-White Sox exhibition game.
The Sox won,4 to 1.

I watched every game I could.It was my passion.My wife, my family liked the Cubs,but they did not understand my passion.I loved the Cubs.
It was in 1969 I thought the Cubs had a chance to go all the way.
At the end of the season I could see the hated Mets were taking away our chance.
The 6 inch tv I had seen the Cubs on first had been in my attic for many years.When I was up in the attic I would turn it on to see if it still came on.It did.
The Mets were running away with my season,my heart was breaking once again.
While in the last part of the season I would go into my attic,turn on that old box and watch the Cubs on channel 9.
I slept often during innings,by this time I was getting into my 60's and a nap always did me good.
While napping I would dream about the inning being played.In my mind I changed what Jack Brickhouse was broadcasting.
I woke,seeing what I dreamed has really come true.
Changing what was broadcast was becoming a thing I never thought possible.
It became easy,dreaming of home runs, dreaming of long runs of victories,
Dreaming of Ron Santo,hitting 6 grand slam home runs in the final games of that season.
Of course the Cubs won in 1969,everyone knows that.
I have never turned that tv on again,I wanted to see if they can win now on their own.
It is now 2008.and the Cubs have a lead in the national league.I am filled again with hope.
I may go up into the attic later in the season.Or,maybe not.


James,the senior janitor at one of the largest high rise buildings on Lake Shore Drive was amused,again.
His great pleasure in life was seeing the garbage people threw down their chutes.
It had become his life's passion.All the wonderful items people tossed,electronics of every sort,phones,computers that survived the fall,radios, alarm clocks and so much more.
He thought he could make a living selling this stuff.
His first day back after a weeks vacation was looked forward to with great anticipation. Monday, the best day to do some serious sorting.The weekend was when people seemed to throw out the best trash,he just loved it.
He tried to learn how not to smell the rotten food and avoid touching all the nasty object in the trash.
This Monday James found a round metal can,it looked to him to be the kind of can cookies came in.He was going to toss it when he heard the rattle of something inside.It sounded like metal he thought.He tried to pry it open but it seemed to be stuck.he got a screwdriver and tried again to lift the lid.
Frustrated he put it aside and decided to back to his regular sorting.This batch had 2 cell phones,one worked.He then found 2 lap tops,not working but he thought there might be hope.
He worked his shift and forgot about the cookie can until he woke late at night in his little apartment next to the boiler room.
He went back to the trash room,found his can and decided to try to drill some holes in the top.
After a few holes he heard something that sound like a voice.Scared as he was he could not resist drilling more holes.
The voice spoke again,James I am going to kill you.
Panicked now James put the can down.
He stepped back and tried to smash the can with his foot.
The top popped off.Out of the can came James's worst nightmare.
Peeling off it's metal shroud,the little man inside walked over to James.
James last thoughts were of little men who lived in cans should be left alone.These cans should never be opened.
The little man went back to his can.He waited.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Three Old Black Men

Three old black men, sitting by their fire on the shores of the Mississippi.
The year is 1865,a few months after the end of what some called the Civil War.
They don't need the fire to keep warm its still hot at early evening in the far south.They are glad for the fire to keep the mosquito's away and to cook the last of the nutria they had caught the day before.
John,32 being born near the spot where they were now eating did not feel at ease.Knowing they could be be looking for him made him aware of every sound from the woods.John had talked to a white woman in the city,she thought it was inappropriate and it might have been so.He did not have the sense of knowing his place,so they often told him on the farm.
He could out run just about anybody,but the dogs they used are to fast,and show no mercy.
Isa was older he thought he was maybe 45,but he didn't really know or care much.Surviving was the only thing,and he did it quite well.He also was aware of sounds from the woods,unconsciously perhaps,but very aware.His crimes were escaping,aiding and guiding others north.His health was now poor and he could no longer run so well.Infections did not heal with no medicines.
Martin was so old now he was amazed he was still alive.His friends thought he might be 70,a very old age for a black man in 1865.
His quick wits were what kept him around so long.Martin knew things,he knew enough about life to keep him from capture for many years.He had been caught twice,whipped,beaten and left in the cotton fields for dead.
He had been married in the slave tradition,had about 15 children with several women,10 of them sons.All would be raised on the plantation,7 survived into their 30's.3 had died in infancy,4 had been sold off.
He loved all his kids and missed them greatly.The times when they were young was the best.They needed to start picking the cotton at age 5,he taught them how to survive,how to become invisible to the masters.It was important never to be seen,never to be noticed,never cause trouble.
The three had come together in New Orleans,it was possible to find work on the docks for 10 cents a day,more money then any had ever had.The nights had to be spent away from the city,they were hunted then.Days they were mostly left alone,they were needed at the docks and the slavers learned a bribe from the dock owners was sometime more profitable then a reward for a run-away.
Plans were never made for any future,what plans could they make?There was only survival for the day.
Isa always liked to sing,they could if they were quiet.The others joined in old hymns they had learned by some older grandmother who had some understanding that music brought some peace,a small escape in the daily life.
Isa would sing to himself if no one joined but tonight was peaceful,not to hot and the others felt somewhat safe tonight.
Martin had an understanding of the Gospel,but never figured out what it did for others who had that peace.
John understood and had a deep reverence for God and was afraid of some of the old spirit witches,left over and kept secret from African days.Masters seldom knew of these witches and were congratulating themselves for teaching the ignorant about Christ's love.
All three had heard about the proclamation of freedom.They thought the masters had not heard,or didn't care about any ol Linkun.
Lincoln was dead now anyway,how could laws be enforced when he was gone.They knew little of President Johnson,but he had not talked to them anyway.
Of the three Isa had leaned his letters and could add a little,he had some kinder masters wives who had insisted the slaves be taught something.They could improve their lot in life by learning something.They could perhaps become foreman in the fields.They could learn to count bales,count people working in the close by areas and help keep track of who was working and who was slacking.
Isa had heard about the cities in the north where a man was treated as a man.Where freedom was understood to be for all.He understood little about the realities of the cities but wanted nothing more to leave the south.
He told his two companions of his plans to go up north,he told them a man could make a dollar a day for his labor.He told them women were waiting for them,it was like picking cotton,east pickens.He told them of the snow,the cold winters he had heard about.This was unimaginable to them and they did not really believe much of what he said.
He must have been convincing because the 2 looked up with fascination,this man knew something about a life far away from here.As he spoke they asked about life there,could they really live there? Could anyone go in the cities?
more to come

Part 2
Gradually over the next few days the danger from the slave catchers became more scary to the 3.
The bribes the slavers were to the point of not being worth the trouble to the dock foreman.
It was time to move,to leave the south quickly.
Another danger they became aware of was the Confederate soldiers returning home.Some took trains, a few stole horses and many just walked back.
These soldiers were in a desperate position,they had no compassion if they came across blacks or it was worse if they were runaways.
The soldiers released from Camp Douglass in Chicago were angry,frustrated,hungry and in no mood for any compassion.Over 6,000 of their brothers were buried there,in a mass grave.Later these soldiers were dug up and re-buried further south in another mass grave.Chicago was developing its lake front and needed the room,so they simply moved the bodies.
The mound can be seen at Oakwood Cemetery on the south side of the city.The Confederate grave site was basically unmarked for about 25 years until the 1890's when a group of former Confederates who lived in the Chicago area raised money to build a monument.
Isa had known a few abolitionists in his short time as a runaway.On his masters farm he had overheard conversations.The visits of the abolitionists to his masters plantations were rare but he knew who they were and what they wanted.
Most were there doing business with Master Thompson and need his cotton.They would also mention they wanted him to get away from the slave trade soon.
When Isa told his friends they need to make plans to go north they were ready to go as soon as they could.They had no life in the deep south.
Where to go,how to get there,or anywhere was the questions now.Little sleep for the next days as they packed what they could.Pooling their meager change they had about 3 dollars.
They could buy food along the way,steal what they could and hope they would not be caught.
Isa thought of cousins he had helped send to Springfield,Illinois.That might be the place to go.They could not just move,they knew little of the north.Little of the reality of the trip could be taken into consideration.Nothing could prepare them for traveling so far.Perhaps it was a thousand miles,perhaps ten thousand.They were no maps,no compasses for them to help them find the way.
Isa would be the leader,even with his crippled body,he was the only hope.Martin and John would have to trust him.
Only Isa had a vague idea where north was.He had been as far as Alexandria in Louisiana picking up other slaves with his master.
He had seen cities with thousands of people and he thought they could move through the cities with animinoty,The countryside was what worried him more.
The three began their journey on a very hot day in the middle of August.They had no idea what date it was,nor even the month.No education was a curse on the blacks in this time.
They only knew it was hot,and time to move on.
more to come

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Historian

Currently reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova.
I am stretched.It is very interesting and I find this is a very good,if deep book.
I am looking for a redeeming value of the book as I am reading it.I find the exposure to different cultures fascinating.
It truly is a good feeling to get lost in a book.To go places in my mind that I know I will never visit saddens me,but I am so glad to read about them.
Right now I am in Budapest,who knows anything about that city?
It is amazing the politics of the past,the wars and the times of peace.
Off to work on some clocks,then back to my latest book.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

She Married

These are 2 kids I used to know.

She married a boy from an Asian country.
The parents frown but try to love.
The situation is bad,she married for someone she thought was exotic I suppose.
He wants go take her and the child back to his home land.His parents insist.
If she goes back,she knows somehow she will never come back.Not ever.
She tries figuring out Gods will now,a bit late I thought.

She comes to me asking what to do.
I ask is the marrige real,is it a maraige before God?
She says no.Not now,not anymore.
I ask about his homeland.She would be almost in bondage to her husband,his brothers and his father.
The mother in law's opinion is not valid.Women can not be expexted to make decisions of importance,they can only buy groceries.
I ask her about this life style,is this what God would want you to do?
She stays here,he goes to his homeland "for a while".
She fears for her life and remains hiding,under a diffrent name.

I posted this in the hope that some oter innocent girl will see through these things with eyes wide open.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Where There Is Peace

Me-reading on the patio,the dogs playing around,chewing sticks they always find.
Drinking coffee,the radio on softly in the background.
Lost in the book,I see her at the door coming out to join me.
She has her book and reads,we are both quiet and a bit tired.
She has put up with my hobby,today she drove me 50 miles to see some friends at a ham radio get together,a gathering of nerds.But we both enjoyed it a lot with the company of Mark,who recently became a ham radio operator.
She suggests ravioli for dinner,it is excellent.
We are back inside now both lost in our books,content.
A short visit from my Michelle, Rob and the 3 girls.
Today has been a simple day with lots of walking,my blood sugar level is actually normal today.
It has been a common day,no suprises,no emergencies,not much of anything happened.
Lesson learned again and again.Find pleasure in simple things.Un-complicate life as much as you can.
Live life in peace,there you can find God.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thinking Out Loud

Well not out loud but always thinking.

Keys to Happiness book really are awful.

I do not care what movie stars think,or what they do or what causes they support.

Baptists sure can take themselves seriously.This is not a bad thing,just an observation.

One of the stores I go to almost every day here in town has the parking lot flooded with Jehovah's Witnesses.They need a new territory.
They now know me by sight and seldom approach.Maybe because I tell Linda "RUN!" when the get near us.It is a kick.

You never see Catholics in parking lots preaching.Sometimes Baptists are out and about.

I am hunting for a cure for the Neuropathy I have.Some web sites and doctors say its hopeless.One doc says its a bear to treat.
I do know a Great Physician,and am asking Him for a cure.Ask with me,please.

Reading Craigslist rants and raves is awful.These people are sick in the head.

If you are a Cubs fan,this is a good year.If they win or lose at the end of the year,I am happy for the ride so far.

My customers ask me sometimes what will they do if I should die.Who will service their clocks?
I tell them I do not know what they will do.Why would I care? Sheeesh.

In 35 years in being in business,I have had less then 10 bad checks,probably about 5.I think (know)this is a blessing from God.

I am still happily married,isn't that one of God's best gifts?
I am great full for an understanding and forgiving wife.I seem to make a lot of mistake's.

I have a deep affection for my brother Bud.

more to come

Friday, July 4, 2008

Fishing Tips Life Tips Husband Tips

Always strip off about 2 feet of line after a fishing in a river full of rocks.
It will have become degraded and will not be good for fishing the next time out.Some fisherman change their line completely,this is ok too.

Always thank your wife for any meal she prepares,it is a lot of labor you know.

Spend as much time as you can with your kids and grandkids.You will learn about life.

Sign up for organ donations.They are not much good to you after you die.You don't need kidneys in heaven.

Today is July 4,let's remember out soldiers and sailors out doing our country a great honor.

Get a hobby so you can learn about stuff.I like ham radio,it has endless learning possibilities.

I am still experimenting with pain meds,I have not found the right combination yet.I am somewhat better bt I am praying for healing. Neuropathy
is wearysome.

more to come..

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Pit in Roseland Chicago

The Pit was located on 127th street in south Roseland.
It was where we hung out as teens,it was the place to be.
It was a drive in where the girls would bring your food to the car,coffee was a quarter.
The cars were all hot,and very fast.
Challenges would come about every night to race your car,mine favorite car was a 1968 Impala,427 cubic inch,special cam,385 horsepower.
The atmosphere in the pit was amazing,the cars,the girls,laughing at the old guy in his Camaro trying to pick up chicks.
Radios all tuned to WLS,summer nights would bring echoes of music.Radios loud,tuned to rock and roll.It was like magic in the air,the sounds of The Animals or The Beatles or The Stones.
American Graffiti,only very real.
We hung out there until we got married,we went back a few times the place seemed to have lost it's magic.Our first born was fun to show off,but we needed to grow up some.
We made our own magic and we still do.
I wonder what happened to all you.
Gordie with the Corvettes,Crazy Tom with his camera,always snapping pictures.
Lou,we went to the draft board together,he was 1A as I was.
Three blonde's in a Mustang,so pretty,all made up.But you never talked to anyone.
Crazy Greeks in old junkers who were always in trouble with the cops who hing out there too.
Sitting in our cars,watching the moon on a summer night,windows open,good times.
Seeing friends come in,waving,knowing if there was room they would pull in right next to us.
The Pit was a place we went every night,7 nights a week.
Are there any of you out there who remember this place?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Chicago Illinois -You Confuse Me

27 kids killed so far this year.
School kids,killing,shooting,wounding each other.
Will this stop?
Is there an answer?
Guns are easy to get,tempers flare.
Drugs are abundant.
Drugs change you.
Government policies have failed and will always fail.
I hate you Chicago.

Drive Lake Shore Drive,look at the lake.
Go to the zoo with your kids.
Go to Navy Pier.
Stay at a fancy hotel during the week,walk around downtown.
Drive the Dan Ryan north and be downtown in 30 minutes.
Fish at the lake front with friends.
Say hi to a nice cop,he says enjoy the day,it is perfect.
Look at the history of the city,from Pullman, Roseland and all the old ethnic neighborhoods.
Sometimes I really like you Chicago.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Feeling Sorry For Myself

I was on a service call last week to Chicago Heights Illinois.
My customer had cancelled her appointment a few times,but we finally hooked up and I made it there right on time.
This lady was in a wheelchair and I walk with a cane sometimes.
She told me how she had been in the hospital since January with diabetes related troubles.
"I was in the operating room about to have my leg amputated,then I heard the doctor say I won't need to have it cut off!"
She gave all the credit to Jesus,and was a woman who was full of life,full of praise.
She said she would pray or me and me neuropathy,I stood in front of her humbled.
Jesus sends people into our lives for a reason.
God Bless and keep you,my new friend.

Questions and Answers About Life

If I have 10 web pages open,and I open 5 more,does my monitor weigh more?

If gas is now over 4 bucks a gallon,how long until it goes back down to $1.20,which I think is a fair price?

When business is slow,why do I have to think so hard about going fishing?

Why do some people in my house carry the remote control thing to other parts of the house? Why don't they have little beepers on em?

Centipedes love my bathtub.They really do.
Centipedes are my enemy,they hate me and I hate them.
They can poison your dog if your dog eats them.(True).
Many times they are in a hurry,but they can't make it up the side of a bathtub.
They come in different sizes.
I would not use them for bait,no not ever.
I wonder if my wife thinks I am a hero when I rinse them down the drain.
The tub needs to be sterilized after a hunt.
The best way to kill them is use a lot of water.

Sleeping is something that eludes me.I often end up sleeping on the couch.
Norma Jean and Robin will follow me where ever I sleep.
Ivy sleeps in her crate and won't come out because she is too tired.
I love my dogs.

How long has it been since you talked with Jesus all night?

When prayers are answered right away,isn't that something you want to tell your friends about right away?

When prayers are not answered right away,do you feel less spiritual?

Fishing is in the Lanting's Blood

Spending time at Marks house,fishing and being lazy on a Sunday afternoon.
Sometimes just spending a day doing nothing is ok.
Making memories for myself,enjoying Mark and Abbeys warm love,what a day.
Watching Alistair throwing stuff in the river,like his sandwhich,hot dog tongs,a torch and many many rocks,now thats a fun day!

Jesus playing football...

I love pictures.
So does Rob,my favorite son in law.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Most people don't know that back in 1912, Hellmann's mayonnaise was manufactured in England. In fact, the Titanic

Was carrying 12,000 jars of the condiment scheduled for delivery in Vera Cruz, Mexico , which was to be the next port of call for the great ship after its stop in New York.

This would have been the largest single shipment of mayonnaise ever delivered to Mexico. But as we know, the great ship did not make it to New York. The ship hit an iceberg and sank, and the cargo was forever lost.

The people of Mexico , who were crazy about mayonnaise, and were eagerly awaiting its delivery, were disconsolate at the loss. Their anguish was so great, that they declared a National Day of Mourning, which they still observe to this day.

The National Day of Mourning occurs each year on May 5th and is known, of course,
As Sinko De Mayo.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Dreams...Do they come true?

Pictured above is Linda,one of my dreams that did come true,long ago.
I am dropped off at the start of The Appalachian Trail,I am now alone.
I have my backpack on,I think I am prepared for the trip.
Walking alone,glad for the good weather,wondering how my family is.
The plan is to do 14 to 20 miles a day.Apparently in this dream I can walk.
I have not thought about going all the way to Maine,I just want to go as far as I can.The Smoky Mountains couldn't be to far.
People are met along the way,day hikers,people who are going all the way through.Candy bars are shared.
Stories of our homes are shared too.Turning in early as most people do,I wake up early,this is ok with me.
Alone again for many days I begin to wonder if I have missed the trail. a sign somewhere.
I am now obsessed with thoughts of my family.Where am I?
Everything looks the same now,the trees,the little rivers,the small hills.
Maybe there has been weeks that have gone by,maybe a few days.No signs,no shelters,no people.
Slow is the way now,time is gone away.
My food is holding out,but only 4 days left then I don't know what I will do.
Thoughts of the family again,the kids,the grandkids.
I have never been lost in my life,I always knew exaclty where I was,and how to get home.
Dreams are not made for us to undersatnd.Maybe it is some chemical imbalance that causes us to dream.
The joy of my life of course is Linda,where she is I don't know but I know she is worried sick.We commiunicate in life,but in dreams not so much.
Off in the distance I see 4 men,all hiking and calling,calling Peter.
Well my first name is Peter but why would Rob,Kevin,Mark and Joel be calling for Peter?
I am holding still,not trusting my eyes,not trusting these 4.
They are my sons,I shout out I am here! I am ok!
They called Peter because thats what Jesus told them to call.I am still trying to figure that out.
Great rejoicing follows.Happiness is once again mine.
All my life I wanted to kike the trail,I have been on it in a few states.
Someday maybe this dream will come true,parts of it anyway.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Times We Live In

Times are hard for many people.
They can not pay their gas bill,the electric bill,the mortgage and many other bills that are necessary just to live.
Many of the customers I have live in mansions,really,mansions that just amazing.
I see the bills for the grandfather clocks they buy and I see how many are financed.Sadly these people finance a luxury item.They really need counseling.
If you buy a large SUV,have the common sense to realize that filling it up will cost over a hundred bucks.
My small pick up truck costs me $70.00 to fill it up last week.Sheeesh!
The moral here is simple.Do not live above your means,period.
Life is easier when you don't owe money.
The bible says owe no man anything.It is freedom from worry.
I have made mistakes in my life,but I think I have learned a bit.
So, what is the secret of happiness? A new car? A luxury item you can live without?
A bigger house?
No, the secret to happiness is Jesus,family and friends.Pretty simple but trust me.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

USS Juneau and The Five Sullivans

I recently sold a book to a high ranking crew memeber of the USS Juneau.
After confirming the sale and a few emails back and forth,we delveloped a friendship which I treasure.
I cannot mention his name nor his rank,nor do I know where the ship is at this time.
I can say this,post Memorial Day,2008,my friends on the Juneau I thank you.This is from an American living in the midwest who has only seen the oceans from ashore but whos has had dreams of sailing all his life.
I admire you,crew of The USS Juneau,and I salute you.
When I first got the notice of a book going to the Juneau I was reminded of the history of this name,the history and legacy that the name carries.
On the evening of November 12th,1942 the Juneau was struck by a Japanese torpedo.
Serving on the ship were The 5 Sullivan brothers.
All the brothers were killed that night,a night that lives on in the memories of the family and friends.
Friends,that night lives on in my heart too,I won't forget your sacrifice for as long as I live.
Below is the story of the Five Sullivans.
Take the time to read it and honor those who have gone on before.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Colonel Robert Gould Shaw and his 54th Infantry

Colonel Robert Gould Shaw (October 10, 1837 – July 18, 1863)

One of my favorite movies is Glory.
I find the dedication of this man amazing.
Robert grew up in a privileged home in Boston,yet when called to do his duty he went far over what he was called to do.
Often my thoughts go back to this time when things were simpler and honor was easily defined.
When Roberts father heard that he was buried in a common grave with his soldiers,his father said there could be no greater honor.

Below is copied from Wikipedia.

After Abraham Lincoln's election and the secession of several Southern states, Shaw joined the 7th New York Infantry Regiment and marched with it to the defense of Washington, D.C., in April 1861. The unit served only thirty days. In May 1861, Shaw joined the 2nd Massachusetts Infantry as second lieutenant. He served there for over two years, seeing action at the Battle of Antietam, and was promoted to captain.

He was then recruited by Governor John A. Andrew to raise and command one of the first regiments of black troops for the Union. Although he was initially unenthusiastic about his assignment, the dedication of his men deeply impressed him and he grew to respect them as fine soldiers. Upon learning that black soldiers would receive less pay than white ones, he inspired his unit to conduct a boycott until this inequality was rectified.

Shaw was promoted to major on March 31, 1863, and to colonel on April 17, so he was in charge of the 54th when they were ordered to loot and then burn the city of Darien, Georgia, on June 11, much to Shaw's dismay. The destruction of the undefended city of little strategic importance had been ordered by Colonel James Montgomery.

On May 2, 1863, Shaw married Anna Kneeland Haggerty (d. 1907) in New York City. They had decided to marry before the unit left Boston despite their parents' misgivings. They spent their brief honeymoon at the Haggerty farm in Lenox, Massachusetts.

Robert Shaw is well-known for the over 200 letters he wrote to his family and friends during the Civil War. They are currently located in the Houghton Library at Harvard University. Some may also be found in the book Blue-Eyed Child of Fortune, which includes most of his letters and a brief biography of Shaw. They are also quoted liberally by Ken Burns in his documentary miniseries The Civil War.

Death at Fort Wagner

The Storming of Fort WagnerThe 54th was sent to Charleston, South Carolina, to take part in the operations against the Confederates stationed there. On July 18, 1863, along with two brigades of white troops, the 54th assaulted Confederate Battery Wagner. As the unit hesitated in the face of fierce Confederate fire, Shaw led his men into battle by shouting, "Forward, Fifty-Fourth!" He mounted a parapet and urged his men forward, but was shot through the heart and his body fell into the fort

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Things I Think About

I wonder at nature.The Canadian Rockies just stunned me.The mountains there are overwhelming.They literally brought tears to our eyes.

Ham radio people are good people.I never had any bad dealings with any.But I am sure there are some nuts.

How can God say He remembers our sins no more?

Squrrells are the bane of my gardens existence.I may start to keep one of my swords outside.

Speaking of outside,Linda and I have now found 3 baby possums in our yard.2 were deceased,one was brought into our back room by Norma Jean(one of our dogs).It was still alive and was sqealing horribly.Lin pretended she was in the shower,so I had to throw the thing out by myself.They are certainly awful things.

I have done well selling grandfather clocks on Ebay recently.The wonder of it is that there is a good market for them.

Mothers Day is around the corner.I think about my mom,she has been gone a while now,but just beginning her time in heaven.

If there is no time in heaven,what am I gonna do for a living.

Good dogs go to heaven,don't you think.Above is Molly,I had her since she was 6 weeks old.I miss that old dog,big time.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Monday, April 28, 2008

Things I Know and Things That I Don't Know

I have never seen a squirrel drink water,don't they drink?
My dogs absolutely hate squirrels.With great passion!

I know that tonight I feel ok,minimal discomfort.Tomorrow I wonder about.

Today was just like yesterday,only it is today and not yesterday.

I have been working full time since I was 17.I want to take a summer off.

What is it that makes racism so prevalent in our world?

My garden is a source of pride. I never had a garden before 3 years ago.Am I getting weird or what?

Smiles from grandkids make everything ok.

Long lost friends that appear out of nowhere,this is truly a good thing.

Facebook can be pretty funny,keeping up with the fam.

The Godfather movies are incredible works of art.The first 2.No.3 was an experiment in crapulence.

The last Civil war veteran died when I was 9.This amazes me.

The government had decided the poor can no longer have free tv.without a box of somekind to unscramble the signals.This is stupid.

People who have small minds refuse to change.Sadly I find this happens to old people.I hope my mind stays reasonably open minded.

I get cold way to easy.

This sure is a random post.Isn't it? Just typing out loud here.

The race for the presidency is tiresome.I know it is important but sheeesh.It goes on and on every night on the news.News people,get a hint,it is not BREAKING NEWS! !

I never know much about anything,but what I do know,I know it well.

Daughters are a gift right from the heart of God.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Heritage in Eternity

A hundred years from now,or even 50 years from now,will our family look back on things that have happened in my lifetime? Will they honor us as parents who honored Jesus?
No,I am not into ancestor worship,but even in the Commandments God told to "Honor your father and your mother, so that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you".

Will our children's children have a relationship with Jesus? Yes,they will.Without a doubt in my mind.

Long ago my ancestors came to a knowledge and trust of the Savior,and look at us here today.My whole family loves the Lord,I can see in in their eyes,I can see it in their acts,I see it always in their faith.I see it also now in their writings.

It is all by God's Grace.Amen.
So tonight let us sleep well,for this heritage shall not fail.

Even so,come quickly Lord Jesus.


I have many nephews,the last count is 13.
You guys always have a place in my heart and now I am praying for you all.
I miss you all,I do see Jon once in a while and he was able to get me 2 sets of Cubs tickets! Thank You Jon you made me and Aunt Linda very happy.
I remember you guys since babyhood,I remember holding you and walking around grampas house.
Growing up we all realize life isn't so easy,but you are making it now.
You are all men now,amazing to me.Having kids of your own,may God bless.
If any of you see this,drop me an email

Raising my glass of ice tea to you guys,Linda says I cant have wine,for now.
To Richard,Glen,Jon,Brian,David,Paul,Brian J.,Garrit,Dan,Keith,Tim,Jeff and Steven.

Good Days Bad Days Average Days

I guess there are many people like me,suffering from the effects of diabetes,COPD,severe arthritis etc etc.
I do a lot of reading on these subjects and it has varying degrees of yuckiness.
Today we spent some time getting a rental car,my truck had died again.Pray for healing.
We also worked a bit,then came home and said we are not to work more is about 70 degrees outside,much to nice to be inside.
I was able to rake my garden, and Lin removed all the old mulch and junk That accumulates over the course of a few months.
While I was raking,I came across some polished rocks that Maddie and Brooke put in my garden a year ago.I told them then that these were Memory Stones and they would always remember the day the put these in papa's garden.
I don't know how well they remember now,but to me it was a special time,a special thing for me.
So we dug up the stones and separated them into a small pile.This will be the second year for the Memory Stones.
Maybe it is silly,but this old papa is sentimental about things.
I treasure memories.

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Day Away

So Monday I took a day off.
Away from work and computers and everything.
My son and I went up to Milwaukee to a place that sells amateur radio equipment.
We both spent some hard earned money but it was worth the trip.
On the way home we were pulled over by a state cop who said Mark did an illegal maneuver. HA!
He was totally innocent of all wrongdoing.We told the cop I needed the bathroom at the next oasis so I could attend to my diabetes problems.Which was totally true!I told him Mark did as I asked and pulled over into the right lane as I asked.
The cop gave Mark a warning and asked if I was ok.
All is well that ends well.
So a day away from it all was a great day and spending time with Mark is always a pleasure,we get along pretty good.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Alas But For A Hot Tub

Many of you know I am suffering from something called diabetic neuropathy.
It is a debilitating disease that bothers me a great deal at times.
We have discovered that hot water seems to help a lot.
When I was in Tennessee 2 weeks ago there was a hot tub on the porch.
I spent a lot of time in it and that really soothed my nerves.
The reason I am posting this is I need a miracle.
Please pray that somehow God would provide me money to buy a hot tub.
From Wickepedia:
Diabetic neuropathies are neuropathic disorders that are associated with diabetes mellitus. These conditions are thought to result from diabetic microvascular injury involving small blood vessels that supply nerves (vasa nervorum). Relatively common conditions which may be associated with diabetic neuropathy include third nerve palsy; mononeuropathy; mononeuropathy multiplex; diabetic amyotrophy; a painful polyneuropathy; autonomic neuropathy; and thoracoabdominal neuropathy.
Diabetes is the leading known* cause of neuropathy in developed countries, and neuropathy is the most common complication and greatest source of morbidity and mortality in diabetes patients. It is estimated that the prevalence of neuropathy in diabetes patients is approximately 20%. Diabetic neuropathy is implicated in 50-75% of nontraumatic amputations.

The main risk factor for diabetic neuropathy is hyperglycemia.It is important to note that people with diabetes are more likely to develop symptoms relating to peripheral neuropathy as the excess glucose in the blood results in a condition known as Glucojasinogen. This condition is affiliated with erectile dysfunction and epigastric tenderness which in turn results in lack of blood flow to the peripheral intrapectine nerves which govern the movement of the arms and legs. In the DCCT (Diabetes Control and Complications Trial, 1995) study, the annual incidence of neuropathy was 2% per year, but dropped to 0.56% with intensive treatment of Type 1 diabetics. The progression of neuropathy is dependent on the degree of glycemic control in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Duration of diabetes, age, cigarette smoking, hypertension, height and hyperlipidemia are also risk factors for diabetic neuropathy

Roseland and the Hoods I Have Lived In

I miss the people.
There were times people would show up in your front yard.
She would make coffee,someone might run for donuts.
We sat there for hours,talking laughing,comparing life stories that were deeper than we knew.
Perhaps the next night we would go 2 doors down and have coffee.
Then the next go 3 doors down and do the same.
Sometimes it lasted hours,sometimes just a quick hello then back home.
We all had kids roughly the same age,we could relate easily.
I wonder if places in the hood exist anymore.
We don't know people anymore.People who live 40 feet from me.
What a strange world now.
Are there neighborhoods that exist like Roseland?
Or like the place I now live,now long gone?
If so,please let me know.

Taking Yourself Seriously

When making an important speech,make sure your speech is recorded.
The go home with the recording,turn it on and listen.
Then listen again with the recording at 2 times normal speed.

Convince a publisher to publish your book.
Publish book.
Wait for the money to come rolling in.
You make $250.00 after a year.
Hope for a cult following of your book.
Wait 6 months.
You see your book listed on Amazon for 10 cents.

Tell your friend about the love of God.
Feel really good about being so spirtual.
Admire your self for the next few days.
Sin like you always have next.
Then remember we are not perfect.
It is ok to feel good.
You did what was right,in your heart.

Marry the girl of your dreams in your youth.
Live together for 20 years.
Have affairs.
Do whatever you want.
Stop trying.
Take a walk in your backyard.
Make the decision.
Get in your car and never come back.
Destroy everything you have known to be true.
Marry some slut.
Watch as she loses all your money at a casino.
Start over.

Say a meaningfull,deep,face to face with Jesus prayer.
Feel deeply relieved that you shared with the creator of the world.
Stand amazed when you feel the presence of such as God.
Watch your children and then grandchildren accept the invitation to Heaven.

Phones are a pain,I dislike the noise they make.
I dislike talking to customers.
Answer the darn phone.
Make an appointment with nice lady.
Make the service call.
Get paid.
Listen as she asks if you are ready for heaven,do you know Jesus?
You smile and say yes.
You ask,do you say this to everyone?
She answers,well of course.He is the one that saved me.
You ride home.
You think that lady was amazing.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Times We Met

The times we met we long ago and far away.
We fell for each other at 18,at 19 we were married.
The children came Kevin,Mark.Then I found Jesus,or he found me.
Michelle,Joel and the time flew by.
Kids in school,then suddenly out and finding loves of thier own.
Lot of sorting out,finding the right mates,me praying,hoping for their future.
Then a different phase,finding ourselves alone,fishing a lot,me getting hit by a tree.
Healing comes slow,but it comes,she stays on,always loving me fully,no questions,she was mine and I was hers.
After 25 years asking her to marry me again,having Rob perform a ceremony for us.We love each other still.
Now we are 10 grandkids richer and the kids are busy working for Jesus,isn't this what we prayed and hoped for? God blesses us.
One more phase,I got sick and she stays,no questions,she is mine and I am hers.
We have our Sundays when the kids are here,holidays they all come,amazing times for me.
Seeing them live the lives Jesus wants,it makes us happy.
I stay with her and will forever,she knows me.
She stays because she loves me and will forever.
What a happiness.
What a life.
Jesus has taken us far,and He stays because he loves us.

Where Happieness is Found ---By Request

Some cant seem to get at older posts and have asked to see this one again.
I wrote this a few weeks ago.

It is found in the routine.
It is found sharing this life,for better or for worse.
When you smile passing in the hall,and there is no particular reason.
When one of the kids calls.
Sitting down to a Sunday dinner.
She lets you sleep.
Knowing our parents are safe in Heaven.
Surprising her with a gift.
Knowing you are loved with a love that is amazingly patient.
Your love shares your passion about hobbies.
Being laughed at,knowing you did something dumb,she knows that you know.
Having backgrounds that are similar,it makes for sharing thoughts easy.
Being amazed at the passage of years.
She knows your secrets and secrets they remain.
Holding hands late at night.
Having a moral high ground.
Knowing she prays.
We both love to read,and we share what we have learned.
Fishing together in a far away place,this is what we love.
It is found when the grandkids talk to her and she listens.
Realizing blessings come undeserved and remaining always thankful.
more to come.

Things I Don't Like Much

Bad Harry Carey commercials,I never was much of a fan but these commercials are the worst.


Talking on the phone.

Being obstinate,I wonder why I am such a person! (Working on it.)

Being dizzy so I can no longer drive.Its the meds,we are still experimenting.

Taking 15 pills a day.

Falling asleep in the car when Linda is driving.

Not sleeping at night.This is improving though.

Putting things off.

Not being communicative.

Well,I could go on,its just a mood that will pass.I really am a pretty happy person!


Courage,do we have it?
I wonder about Peter,legend says he wanted to be crucified upside down.He didn't think he was worthy to be crucified like his Lord. Amazing courage.

My thoughts go back a long way to a civil war veteran who after losing the use of his left arm,being a prisoner in Richmond, Virginia,being beat at the prison and going down to 90 pounds.After 3 years of war he reenlists as a Veteran Volunteer and serves another year until the war ends.Amazing courage.

Courage to forgive and swallow your pride.How many of us can do that? When one is hurt beyond what we can endure..That is courage,amazing courage.

People who go forward for healing to the elders of their church,that's courage built from faith.Do many of us have such courage?

A pastor friend I have,his daughter has cancer,it does not look good.He preaches God's love every week with out fail.Amazing courage.

A soldier in Iraq who gave his life so others may live,stunning courage.

A friend who donates a kidney to an stranger,where do these people come from?

I know people married for 65 years,one dies,the other says Gods will always prevails,He knows best.Amazing to me.

Finding yourself lacking in faith,deciding this is where I fall short,taking action by reading God's word and letting Him speak and change you,this is courage.

So, courage has been on my mind this week.

I do find it frustrating.I find myself feeling sorry for myself.I find a separation from God even for a short time brings me way down.I always hoped for stability in my walk with Jesus,I am still working on it.

But I am reminded of so many people who had courage,I still try.I will not give up,never.

Friday, April 4, 2008


People People People!

Please listen!

A simple request from me before I die.
Hopefully I have many years left so this isn't a morbid thing.

When I expire,please don't refer to my body as............his remains!

Funeral directors use this term I am sure,however don't use it for me.

My body when dead is probably worthless,but heck it was once something special at least to me.

I know we will get new bodies in Heaven,but my old body meant something to me.

I Remain Yours,

Cheesy Christian Art, Testamints, and Salt

Stealing the post from Rob,my son in law

Scroll down on this page to find-Cheesy Christian Art, Testamints, and Salt

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Whitney

Hello Whitney,
Today is the day you turn 8!
I remember well the day you were born,I could not wait to see you and say hello for the first time.
You were so adorable,I know you smiled at your old papa,and that sure made me feel good!
Now we have been to 7 of your birthday parties and I am waiting for an invitation to number 8.
My sweet little one,God have given you so much,a great mom and dad who loves you so much,a great family of sisters,and Grandma and Grandpa's who love you very much.
Much Love and Affection,

Roseland Chicago Video From 105th & Normal Ave

For My Brothers

Found On You Tube

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Things To Think About

Why do publishers publish such trashy novels by trashy authors? There must be some government grants or tax breaks.

Why does the Bible sometimes seem closed for today,go away for a while.

Why are there Check Engine Lights when they are so stupid and meaningless.

Christianity is mocked daily in all media,but I suppose this should not surprise us.We are honored to be mocked with Christ.

Do they still make Keds?

Can you really sing along to the song "I Had The Time of My Life?"

What song do you sing along to?

If all the world were teenaged,who would make the movies that are now available to see?

I have mentioned this before but doesn't the universe just impress you to a stunning insight? How big is God? He made all this.

I know there are more lonely people in the world then not.

NEUROPATHY-Pain signals no longer represent an alarm about ongoing or impending injury, instead the alarm system itself is malfunctioning.-I dislike this immensely.

My eyes are slowly going bad,I need new glasses again.I dislike this as much.

Our Hope is in truth,and that should be enough to carry us through.

People have prayed and asked for the Lord to increase their faith.This I think is bold.

Old veterans are amazing to talk to,I am glad I can once in a while.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Tennesee Mountains

The mountains are not as impressive as the mountains I saw in Canada,mostly Alberta.
The Smokey Mountains have their own quality though,more peacefull,more serene.
Crowds downtown are a real pain,but really why does everyone go downtown anyway?
I like it because the people watching is really amazing,last Friday night I saw a preacher preaching about kids keeping their virginity.On the same night I bought a sword from 2 guys from Iraq.They were very willing to talk and very friendly.We also went to the Alamo restaurant which is now my most favorite place to eat.
Back to the mountains...I once pulled the car over and decided to take a hike where no one else was around.
This was in my better days when I could walk a bit better.As we descended several hundred feet down I stumbled across an old car frame.It looked to be from the 1930's.I often wondered how it got there and what was the rest of the story.
The shops off the main road are most interesting for me,I like finding antiques that I buy for resale.This has become a passion for me.Sometimes the owners of the shops don't know what they have,sometimes they do.A lot of people are Internet savvy now.
Back to the mountains again,I am told the Smokies are older than the Rockies.They are rounded off.You can see many rivers here,all clear and racing downhill.The rocks are also rounded,indicating how long water has been rushing over them.Go ahead,take a small rock and put it in your yard or garden.It makes a nice memory.(This is probably illegal so be careful!)

Back From Tennesee

Well,I am back,so said Samwise to his wife after being on the journey to destroy the one Ring and save middle earth.
I was gone a week on vacation with Joel and Lisa and their three kids.A good time was had by all.I am so blessed to have a family like I have.Not a moment of anger or disagreement,just a good sense of who we are.
I love the mountains,I have been back to Tennessee almost every year since I was 17 years old.Even before that I remember mom and dad taking me down there.
It is late now and I am very tired,I will fill in more details later.