Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good Days Bad Days Average Days

I guess there are many people like me,suffering from the effects of diabetes,COPD,severe arthritis etc etc.
I do a lot of reading on these subjects and it has varying degrees of yuckiness.
Today we spent some time getting a rental car,my truck had died again.Pray for healing.
We also worked a bit,then came home and said we are not to work more is about 70 degrees outside,much to nice to be inside.
I was able to rake my garden, and Lin removed all the old mulch and junk That accumulates over the course of a few months.
While I was raking,I came across some polished rocks that Maddie and Brooke put in my garden a year ago.I told them then that these were Memory Stones and they would always remember the day the put these in papa's garden.
I don't know how well they remember now,but to me it was a special time,a special thing for me.
So we dug up the stones and separated them into a small pile.This will be the second year for the Memory Stones.
Maybe it is silly,but this old papa is sentimental about things.
I treasure memories.

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