Sunday, April 6, 2008

Where Happieness is Found ---By Request

Some cant seem to get at older posts and have asked to see this one again.
I wrote this a few weeks ago.

It is found in the routine.
It is found sharing this life,for better or for worse.
When you smile passing in the hall,and there is no particular reason.
When one of the kids calls.
Sitting down to a Sunday dinner.
She lets you sleep.
Knowing our parents are safe in Heaven.
Surprising her with a gift.
Knowing you are loved with a love that is amazingly patient.
Your love shares your passion about hobbies.
Being laughed at,knowing you did something dumb,she knows that you know.
Having backgrounds that are similar,it makes for sharing thoughts easy.
Being amazed at the passage of years.
She knows your secrets and secrets they remain.
Holding hands late at night.
Having a moral high ground.
Knowing she prays.
We both love to read,and we share what we have learned.
Fishing together in a far away place,this is what we love.
It is found when the grandkids talk to her and she listens.
Realizing blessings come undeserved and remaining always thankful.
more to come.

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