Monday, April 28, 2008

Things I Know and Things That I Don't Know

I have never seen a squirrel drink water,don't they drink?
My dogs absolutely hate squirrels.With great passion!

I know that tonight I feel ok,minimal discomfort.Tomorrow I wonder about.

Today was just like yesterday,only it is today and not yesterday.

I have been working full time since I was 17.I want to take a summer off.

What is it that makes racism so prevalent in our world?

My garden is a source of pride. I never had a garden before 3 years ago.Am I getting weird or what?

Smiles from grandkids make everything ok.

Long lost friends that appear out of nowhere,this is truly a good thing.

Facebook can be pretty funny,keeping up with the fam.

The Godfather movies are incredible works of art.The first 2.No.3 was an experiment in crapulence.

The last Civil war veteran died when I was 9.This amazes me.

The government had decided the poor can no longer have free tv.without a box of somekind to unscramble the signals.This is stupid.

People who have small minds refuse to change.Sadly I find this happens to old people.I hope my mind stays reasonably open minded.

I get cold way to easy.

This sure is a random post.Isn't it? Just typing out loud here.

The race for the presidency is tiresome.I know it is important but sheeesh.It goes on and on every night on the news.News people,get a hint,it is not BREAKING NEWS! !

I never know much about anything,but what I do know,I know it well.

Daughters are a gift right from the heart of God.

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Anonymous said...

Well, the good thing about all the crazy news stories is that it forces us to find more interesting things to do!