Thursday, February 10, 2011


So many stories of bad news come from Mexico.
Drug smuggling,illegal entry to the US,be headings and other crimes of all sorts.

I was there once as a kid and I don't remember much,just a lot of scary looking people on the border.
My friends and family have visited as lately as this past week.They come home with nothing but praise.
My work causes to me visit many homes in Chicago where Mexicans have come to this country.I have found nothing but the best of people,the best customers.
Friendly to a fault,we always have a nice visit with these people.
I just have a hard time understanding how awful some people are when there is so much good in the world.
Many of my friends on facebook are from Mexico,and you guys are all the best.

Small Things Going Wrong

Sometimes bad things come on threes.
Sometimes you might have a week that has more than 3 bad things.
I have had such a week.
Furnace went out,I was able to fix it.
Car idled at 70 mph.I fixed it.
Water tank went out..fixed it.
So far so good.
Next,furnace went out again.Fixed.
Car again-fixed it.
Morning at 5 AM,we both woke up freezing.I had forgot to shut the furnace door.
I shut the door properly,the heat came on.She went back to bed.I was wide awake.Ugh!
Started car to get it warm,Idle at 1000 mph.
Gave up on the car,called "the guy".He fixed it for $300.00.New sensors needed.
Made a few stops when we got the car back,came home,had ham sandwiches and tomato soup.
This is good comfort food.
Compared to most people in the world I know these troubles are not much but it's not fun to go through them.
So,reflecting tonight on the past week I am grateful to have a wonderful wife and a great family. Life is good.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

He Hid Most of the Time

In high school and well grammar school too.
I noticed John when I was very young.I noticed he kept away,he kept to himself.

His mom would come to school to feed him lunch.
We were all afraid of John,He was subject to strange fits.Violent fits.

After he would with withdraw,he stopped speaking.He would not look at me.Or anyone.

He is in a few class photos,looking tall,standing always in the back row.
Looking away and looking scary.

I don't think I ever said much if anything to him and of course now looking back I regret this a great deal.

I know he was with us in high school until one day his mom came for him.She told us John was going to a special school where he would receive special treatment.

I don't know what brings John to my mind after so many years.I just know now that I take the time to talk to those who may not even understand me.

Life lesson learned.

All My Life I Have Picked Up Pebbles

Small stones,small pebbles.
If there is a lake nearby or a river,that is where the pebble will go.

It may be silly,but I will look at it and wonder how old it is.How long has it lain there waiting to be picked up by me?

Sometimes these small pebbles just bog to be skipped across the water,I was at one time quite good at it.Now sore shoulders and sore hands make me not as good.Ah,well life goes on.

I guess I spend my life throwing small stones.I love disturbing the water a bit and watching the ripples until they fade as if nothing happened.

This is best when you are alone and you then sit by the waters edge.

Sometimes your mind needs to rest and do nothing important.

Be a kid again,throw that stone.

The Burden

He often travelled the world,the burden was always on his shoulder.No matter where he went it was there.
It was heavy and becoming heavier.When he was old he could barley lift it.He had to lift it,he had no choice.
The sky looked good,the water even better but the burden never left him.Days and nights it was with him.
Nights were supposed to be the relief,sleep might hide it for a while.
Sleep interrupted suddenly made the days worse.A sudden awakening at 3 AM made it so.
It was there at 3 AM it was there when he was in mid day.

The thought of doing something drastic slowly entered his mind.
He tried to put the thoughts away but his burden would not let him.It never left him.

He saw friends go.He knew it was true,when you got money you got friends.Now he had no more money,he had just a few friends left.No one wanted to be around him with that burden he had on his shoulder.
If he believed in God,it no longer mattered,he still carried it.He could never let it go how could he?
A night in confused and mixed up prayer brought him to what was the only answer he ever could find.He found it in the book of Psalms.

Cast your burden upon the LORD and He will sustain you;He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.
He didn't feel righteous but he knew God was truth.
He did not feel religious but he also knew he could not be alone with this burden one second more.
When he threw it,he threw it far.It could no longer be found.
He knew he would be going Home to say thank you,thank you,thank you.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I saw Joe minor league baseball a few years ago.
He was of course a superstar in high school. Everybody had the highest hopes.

He signed with a new minor league team a few years later.

The team manager like him,his team mates like him too.
Baseball came natural to Joe,he played everyday when he was a kid.
He was well grounded in the fundamentals of the game.Second base was where he lived his life playing defence.He was good,very good.
He was offered a contact with a major league team out west.The kid showed great stuff his first year.The second year was not as good but still not bad.
Year 3 things fell apart.He seemed lost as second base and his hitting plummeted to a pitiful .198.
A wife came along this year,a baby boy soon followed.
Year 4 things started to look up.His coaches instructed him.He worked harder then ever.His average at mid-season climbed,people once again adored him for his abilities.
He once again became the heart of his team,everybody loved Joe.
Joe played many years in baseball.He had an excellent record,he had many friends.His family loved him and was very proud.
When it came time to retire Joe had it all planned.He would buy several car dealer ships.He had enough money to buy several.
When Joe was killed by a drunk driver it was a cool and quiet morning.
When Joe got to heaven everyone asked"what was the greatest thrill in your life,there must be many to choose from.
Joe said quietly and humbly,it was the day I gave my life to Jesus.I found out He was real,he was involved in my life.He died for me.
All heaven applauded Joe.

My question to God was,why? Why Joe of all people?
He was loved here,he had a family.He had everything.
My Lord put His finger on my lips and said it was not his will that we die like Joe.
The He said,I took your place in death so you will live eternally with me.
I don't think I understand it all,but Joe does and Jesus does.That is a good thing.

The Irish Girl

She came to America 6 years ago when she was 17.
She came with her mom and 3 sisters.
The accent held on although she always tried to hide it.She wanted to fit in.
A mistake 3 years ago brought her a son.A fierce devotion to him is what kept her alive. The father never came through with all his promises. Proving for her son was her responsibility.
There was no time now for an education,only her sisters could go on to school.
The family back home did not scorn her,her uncle John even sent money when he could.
Her mom was her help,her baby sitter.She knew she was loved.
Thoughts of the next few years frightened her.She didn't date now,she stayed home when she didn't work as her crummy waitress job.Thoughts of the future consumed her.
Where would she be when she was 30? What future was there for a poor girl who had a hard time fitting in anywhere?
Reading was not easy,writing almost impossible.
Her weight problem was a constant battle,another reason to stay hidden inside.
Hope was fading fast for Kieran. Her life did not count but to see her son grow and get the education she wanted for him.
Day dreams of her son Ryan making it big consumes her.Her hopes were that he become a doctor.
When her own doctor told her she had breast cancer she started the fading.Her mind went away.She neglected herself,her son,her life.
When she died she died alone.Her mom and 2 of her 3 sisters went to her funeral.
Only heaven could have loved this Irish girl with the accent.
A Sunday School teacher had told her once about God's love for her.She believed that old lady for a day or two.
That's all she needed.Heaven did welcome her.
Good bye Kieran,I will see you soon.