Friday, February 4, 2011

The Irish Girl

She came to America 6 years ago when she was 17.
She came with her mom and 3 sisters.
The accent held on although she always tried to hide it.She wanted to fit in.
A mistake 3 years ago brought her a son.A fierce devotion to him is what kept her alive. The father never came through with all his promises. Proving for her son was her responsibility.
There was no time now for an education,only her sisters could go on to school.
The family back home did not scorn her,her uncle John even sent money when he could.
Her mom was her help,her baby sitter.She knew she was loved.
Thoughts of the next few years frightened her.She didn't date now,she stayed home when she didn't work as her crummy waitress job.Thoughts of the future consumed her.
Where would she be when she was 30? What future was there for a poor girl who had a hard time fitting in anywhere?
Reading was not easy,writing almost impossible.
Her weight problem was a constant battle,another reason to stay hidden inside.
Hope was fading fast for Kieran. Her life did not count but to see her son grow and get the education she wanted for him.
Day dreams of her son Ryan making it big consumes her.Her hopes were that he become a doctor.
When her own doctor told her she had breast cancer she started the fading.Her mind went away.She neglected herself,her son,her life.
When she died she died alone.Her mom and 2 of her 3 sisters went to her funeral.
Only heaven could have loved this Irish girl with the accent.
A Sunday School teacher had told her once about God's love for her.She believed that old lady for a day or two.
That's all she needed.Heaven did welcome her.
Good bye Kieran,I will see you soon.

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