Monday, March 31, 2008

Tennesee Mountains

The mountains are not as impressive as the mountains I saw in Canada,mostly Alberta.
The Smokey Mountains have their own quality though,more peacefull,more serene.
Crowds downtown are a real pain,but really why does everyone go downtown anyway?
I like it because the people watching is really amazing,last Friday night I saw a preacher preaching about kids keeping their virginity.On the same night I bought a sword from 2 guys from Iraq.They were very willing to talk and very friendly.We also went to the Alamo restaurant which is now my most favorite place to eat.
Back to the mountains...I once pulled the car over and decided to take a hike where no one else was around.
This was in my better days when I could walk a bit better.As we descended several hundred feet down I stumbled across an old car frame.It looked to be from the 1930's.I often wondered how it got there and what was the rest of the story.
The shops off the main road are most interesting for me,I like finding antiques that I buy for resale.This has become a passion for me.Sometimes the owners of the shops don't know what they have,sometimes they do.A lot of people are Internet savvy now.
Back to the mountains again,I am told the Smokies are older than the Rockies.They are rounded off.You can see many rivers here,all clear and racing downhill.The rocks are also rounded,indicating how long water has been rushing over them.Go ahead,take a small rock and put it in your yard or garden.It makes a nice memory.(This is probably illegal so be careful!)

Back From Tennesee

Well,I am back,so said Samwise to his wife after being on the journey to destroy the one Ring and save middle earth.
I was gone a week on vacation with Joel and Lisa and their three kids.A good time was had by all.I am so blessed to have a family like I have.Not a moment of anger or disagreement,just a good sense of who we are.
I love the mountains,I have been back to Tennessee almost every year since I was 17 years old.Even before that I remember mom and dad taking me down there.
It is late now and I am very tired,I will fill in more details later.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Legacy

I wonder what memories we will leave our kids.
This is what my dad left me.
He left with me a sense of stability in in life,his relationship with my mom and most important his stabilty in in relationship to Christ.
No, he wasnt perfect,he had faults.He was tempermental.
I stuggled in my youth with a relationship with him,we did not get along.
Not until I was married and settled down did we finaly learn to get along.
When he got very sick we became closer,we listened to the Gaithers songs when he came to my house and we were both very moved.He told me after listening to several records,"That was real nice,Mike"
How well I remember those words,simple words, yet to me it said a lot.We had healed all past wounds.
Dan Fogelberg said it best.Papa,I don't think I said I love you near enough.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Some of you have asked

Some of you have asked for memories of my early childhood.
I really was a perfect child,a gift from Above for mom and dad.
My 2 brothers were older than I so I often thought of them as older uncles.
I remember annoying Bud when watching tv,I would plant myself in front of it,change the channels as fast as I could.I still do this today,just with the help if remotes.
It really made him mad when I would chew on potato chips loudly too.
I once sold a tv that was in Buds bedroom,when he went of to college I found the tv in the basement and sold it for $5.00
Bud and I once did an experiment on paper towels.A tv commercial advertised the fact that they paper towels they were selling were very strong.
We duplicated the commercial by pouring water on the towels then blowing on them.They did not hold.
Once Bud told me he would give me $1000.00 when I turned 20.I am still waiting.
But it is ok,Bud is a good brother.
I don't know why I remember goofy things sometimes.
My doctor's name was Doctor Was.
My dentists name was Doctor Korngoot.
more to come


There is a city in Holland called Maastricht.
This city looks to me to be one excellent place to live.
The people have great pride in where they live and there are many tributes in song to it.
I hope someday to visit,to walk the famous square,and to see all the sights.
It is the home of Andre Rieu-here is his website,his music is just wonderful.:

I have seen the faces of the people of Maastricht in on tv shows,it is amazing to me.
Again,I hope I can go see it someday.

It is Good Friday

It is simple:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Honesty in business and your work creates peace in your life.

Honesty in marriage creates blessings of love and understanding.

Honesty in relationships with friends creates better friends.

Honesty in everyday life is God's way.

Honesty makes life easier.

Honesty isn't always easy,is it?

Monday, March 17, 2008

For Michelle

This song was and is on my mind.
Time goes by so fast,hug your girls for papa today.

Written by: Harry Belafonte, Alan Greene & Malvina Reynolds

Where are you going
My little one, little one
Where are you going
My baby, my own

Turn around and you’re two
Turn around and you’re four
Turn around and you’re a young girl
Going out of the door

Turn around, turn around
Turn around and you’re a young girl
Going out of the door

Where are you going
My little one, little one
Little pigtails and petticoats
Where have they gone

Turn around and you’re tiny
Turn around and you’re grown
Turn around and you’re a young wife
With babes of your own

Turn around, turn around
Turn around and you’re a young wife
With babes of your own

Where have they gone
My little ones, little ones
Where have they gone
My babies, my own

Turn around and they’re young
Turn around and they’re old
Turn around and they’re gone
And we’ve no one to hold

Turn around, turn around
Turn around and they’re gone
And we’ve no one to hold

Where are you going
My baby, my own

More on Happiness

Making plans for a long trip.

Re-reading a book that you read 15 years ago,the characters are still there.

Being assured of a truth when reading the Bible.

Opening a new camera that you bought.

Being thanked for a book I sold,that was wanted by the buyer.

Seeing my blood sugar average go down to 130 for a month from a high of over 300.

Living near Chicago,but not to near.

Driving a Ford F-150 for 200,000 miles and not have any major trouble.

Computers that work!

Those of you who know me and read this know I mention my grandkids a lot.They are God's gift and that makes me happy.

Remebering the past,but not living in it,I think that is important.

Knowing God remembers sins no more.

Know He is a Rock, fortress,and my friend.

Playing games on line with Linda.She makes me laugh out loud or lol. Sorry!

Having 3 Golden Retreivers,they are such funny dogs,they really don't like change much.They love the routine of life.

Giving Alistair a drum with drum sticks,that was priceless to watch.

more to come

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Summer of 62

Baseball,my favorite thing to do as a kid.
It was something the kids from the neighborhood did everyday of summer.We just loved playing ball,whether it was hardball or 12 inch softball,we played whenever we could.
We even played some 16 inch softball,but I think our hands were to small for that.
Once when I was 12,we were playing 12 inch softball after school in the ball field of my school on 104th street.
The game was in the third inning,my team was behind 3 to 1.
My turn came up for me to bat,I let the first 2 pitches go,both strikes.This didn't bother me because I knew I was a pretty good hitter.
The next pitch I saw coming in a little low but still in the strike zone,I swung hard and hit the ball squarely.I knew it was going far but I had no idea what was to happen next.
The ball went long and far into right field,so long and so far it hit the second floor window of my classroom.
I stood in shock,some guys started to laugh,some ran.I stood there stunned I had hit the ball so far.
Suddenly principal Brower and janitor Natleborg came to the window,at this point everyone ran except me.
I was alone on the field,Principal Brower asked,did you break this window? I said yes sir I did.
He looked at the janitor,the janitor said..ok that will be $4.00 for a replacement window.
I was scared,I didn't have $4.00 I said."Your parents will have to pay then"
Well,I never told my my mom or dad,I was afraid of getting in trouble with them.
I avoided the principal and janitor all year,they never pursued the matter.
Now here I am so many years later,still remembering my Babe Ruth type home run.Past glory lives on.
I still wonder why the Cubs never called me,they missed a great left fielder and home run hitter.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Olden Days

Since I was a little kid,I remember asking my mom to tell me about the olden days.
She would look at me kind funny,then tell me of the days of her youth,her parents and such thing like that.
My dad often told me of his olden days,when dad and my Uncle Bill were cowboys out on the great plain.
Dad had a scar on his belly which was in the shape of an arrow,Uncle Bill had an identical scar high on his forehead.
This of course led to stories of great Indian battles and somehow,wounded,they came out victorious. Amazing!
I still think about the olden days,I can look at pictures of Civil War veterans for hours,I try to see their eyes,there are stories there.I think of a lost Illinois soldier with no name on his photograph.I see his mom and dad and wonder if the home there was a happy one.
I see pictures bodies on a battlefield,now long forgotten,there is no trace,just a picture.These were real people,just like you and me.I wonder about them,did they know Jesus,did they go to Sunday School as kids?
Many times now in my life I have walked battlefields,as my brother Bud has.I think of the terror,the courage,the futility of wars.The idiocy of Generals prevails on these fields of honor.
So olden days stay with me,I hope they always will.

Monday, March 10, 2008

God Only Knows

God only knows what I'd be without you.

God only knows why people say in adversity there are many blessings.

God only knows why friends do what they do or don't do.

God only knows where we will be in 10 years.

God only knows about my grandkids future,why should I worry?

God only knows how many hairs we have on our heads,His job has been easier lately.

God only knows our inner thoughts and desires,scary eh?

God only knows how He called us,I wonder about this sometimes.

God only knows about time.

God only knows about Heaven,I think we can only speculate.

God only knows how much I love Maddie.

God only knows why He called the Apostle Paul.

God only knows why churches split,since the first century people have their own ideas.

God only knows about cars,my mechanic makes some good guesses though.

God only knows about the universe,why so big?

God only knows how irreverent I can be,but thankfully I have matured some.

God only knows everything.