Monday, March 17, 2008

More on Happiness

Making plans for a long trip.

Re-reading a book that you read 15 years ago,the characters are still there.

Being assured of a truth when reading the Bible.

Opening a new camera that you bought.

Being thanked for a book I sold,that was wanted by the buyer.

Seeing my blood sugar average go down to 130 for a month from a high of over 300.

Living near Chicago,but not to near.

Driving a Ford F-150 for 200,000 miles and not have any major trouble.

Computers that work!

Those of you who know me and read this know I mention my grandkids a lot.They are God's gift and that makes me happy.

Remebering the past,but not living in it,I think that is important.

Knowing God remembers sins no more.

Know He is a Rock, fortress,and my friend.

Playing games on line with Linda.She makes me laugh out loud or lol. Sorry!

Having 3 Golden Retreivers,they are such funny dogs,they really don't like change much.They love the routine of life.

Giving Alistair a drum with drum sticks,that was priceless to watch.

more to come

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