Friday, March 21, 2008

Some of you have asked

Some of you have asked for memories of my early childhood.
I really was a perfect child,a gift from Above for mom and dad.
My 2 brothers were older than I so I often thought of them as older uncles.
I remember annoying Bud when watching tv,I would plant myself in front of it,change the channels as fast as I could.I still do this today,just with the help if remotes.
It really made him mad when I would chew on potato chips loudly too.
I once sold a tv that was in Buds bedroom,when he went of to college I found the tv in the basement and sold it for $5.00
Bud and I once did an experiment on paper towels.A tv commercial advertised the fact that they paper towels they were selling were very strong.
We duplicated the commercial by pouring water on the towels then blowing on them.They did not hold.
Once Bud told me he would give me $1000.00 when I turned 20.I am still waiting.
But it is ok,Bud is a good brother.
I don't know why I remember goofy things sometimes.
My doctor's name was Doctor Was.
My dentists name was Doctor Korngoot.
more to come

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Brother Bud said...

You were a gift from above alright. I asked Dad if the stork brought you. He told me that you just fell out of the cherry tree in the back yard. Maybe that's why you have red hair. That $1000 I promised you was hidden in that TV you sold for $5.00. Maybe you can track down the buyer and get it back.
I still get upset when people chew potato chips too loud. At least you weren't a double dipper. We were to poor to buy dip.