Monday, March 31, 2008

Tennesee Mountains

The mountains are not as impressive as the mountains I saw in Canada,mostly Alberta.
The Smokey Mountains have their own quality though,more peacefull,more serene.
Crowds downtown are a real pain,but really why does everyone go downtown anyway?
I like it because the people watching is really amazing,last Friday night I saw a preacher preaching about kids keeping their virginity.On the same night I bought a sword from 2 guys from Iraq.They were very willing to talk and very friendly.We also went to the Alamo restaurant which is now my most favorite place to eat.
Back to the mountains...I once pulled the car over and decided to take a hike where no one else was around.
This was in my better days when I could walk a bit better.As we descended several hundred feet down I stumbled across an old car frame.It looked to be from the 1930's.I often wondered how it got there and what was the rest of the story.
The shops off the main road are most interesting for me,I like finding antiques that I buy for resale.This has become a passion for me.Sometimes the owners of the shops don't know what they have,sometimes they do.A lot of people are Internet savvy now.
Back to the mountains again,I am told the Smokies are older than the Rockies.They are rounded off.You can see many rivers here,all clear and racing downhill.The rocks are also rounded,indicating how long water has been rushing over them.Go ahead,take a small rock and put it in your yard or garden.It makes a nice memory.(This is probably illegal so be careful!)


Brother Bud said...

Welcome back brother. Hope you guys had a nice relaxing time.

Rob said...

This was like having a little visit to Gatlinburg. Thanks! Hey, you'll want to read my blog on Friday, I'm making a little post about your recent "gift" to me.