Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pain or lack of it.Neuropathy Post

Today June 15 201o.
It is one week since I had a pain pill.
I was taking 11 or more a day and now I am down to zero.
I am slightly nervous about it but I want my life back.
To hell with neuropathy.I don't need it I don't want it.
Enough zombieland.
Good bye Neuropathy. You suck.

So now we are 120

Thats 120 years between us,that seems like a lot to me.
Has it gone fast? Yes

Are you happy? Yes,very.

Has God let you down? No.I have wondered where He is though at times.

Do you still love her? More than ever.

Do you have the fortitude to go on till death? Yes.

Do you worry about things? Yes.Business mostly.

Whats makes you happy? God,her,kids,grandkids.Friends are scarce but good.

Do you like the new church? I like sitting in the back. Yes I like it.

What are your faults? I have to many to mention at this time.

When did you want to go Home? Not yet please.

Will the Cubs call you to play left field? Yes,soon.

Are you sleeping? It's better.

What about pain pills? From 11 a day to zero.And holding.

Are you enjoying your hobbies? Fot the most part yes.But I miss painting a lot.

Ever angry? Seldom.

Goals? I want to travel a lot.

Is this the end of this post? Yes.