Thursday, April 30, 2009

Westminster Chimes

My business is repairing or setting up grandfather clocks.
I tune the chimes,listen carefully for bad notes and making the corrections as needed.
All grandfather clocks play Westminster chimes,some play 3 chimes.

The are reasons for all the chimes,some are religious,some are from church bells and some are taken from children's nursery rimes.
Westminster chimes are the most popular,made famous by Big Ben in London.
However the chimes were first set into the tower at University Church, St. Mary's the Great, in Cambridge, England.
The actual words are:
"Lord, through this hour,
Be Thou our guide
So,by thy power
No foot shall slide"

The music was Handels symphony,"I Know That My Redeemer Liveth'.The words and music were arranged by William Crotch in 1793.
Even for the non religious people who have clocks in their homes,they are hearing a prayer every quarter hour.
I like that and find it fun to explain it to people.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fathers-Honor Your Daughters

When my daughter Michelle was born,it was one of the happiest days of my life.
I had 2 boys when she was born,and one more was to follow.

Michelle was brightness in my life.
She was pure joy for me and I loved her fully.She filled my life with a great joy.
Just to be able to carry her,and care for her was an amazing thing to me.
What father could love a daughter more then me?
Fathers,take time to take walks with your daughters,spend time alone with them.The time goes fast.Way to fast.
How proud of was,she was mine and I was hers.
Dads,take pictures.They are a great reminders of a special love that you have.

Little girls grow up,they have lives to live and other loves to find.
They will go to school.They will meet new friends.They will fall in love.
You watch them,help them,guide them through life.Your wife serves as an example.
I saw my little girl go through changes,I saw Michelle find God,early in life.
You see her through high school,you see the compassion she has for others.
Real,burning compassion.She has you picking up people for church that you worry about.Shady people.But she knows they have a need so you do it.

You drive her to Moody every Sunday night for college.These were special times,to have her to myself for an hour or so.
You see a young man hanging around the house a lot. I approve of him.More importantly he knows God.He knows God well.
He asks for your daughter hand in marriage.You ask some dumb questions about their future,knowing inside your heart he is the right one.
You give her away on a snowy day in March.
Your heart breaks.But you're happy,very happy.
You always think of her as 'my Michelle.'
Now you still worry,now she has crazy plans to go to India.But she has compassion and you know she has to go.And it is ok.
There so many things I could write about this dad's love about his daughter but it would fill many books.
Now she has 3 girls of her own,I see Michelle in each.I see compassion in their lives and I am proud of that.
So you fathers,stay close to your daughters,they are one of God's best gifts.
I love you Michelle Dawn.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Confess to a Major Crime

The year was 1960,I was 10.
10 years old.
Pretty darn young if you ask me.
My older brother Bud went away to college.(To get an education.That's what he said.)
To me, he abandoned me.He had been my hero.
My role model.
A year or so before Bud left us,my dad and and Bud had bought a tv for Bud's bedroom.
This was a big deal then,a tv in the bedroom was for the rich people.
Not us!
I remember the tv was about 13 inches,and weighed about 400 pounds.
Rabbit ears were the standard then.Bud was quite technical and knew how to get all 5 channels.
Channel 2 excluded,mostly.

Since he went away I claimed all his assets.
Dad,being broken hearted about Buds departure put his tv in the basement.
I asked a few times if I could turn it on,but dad said 'no son,it belonged to Buddy,whom I loved.'
There were few times I snuck into the basement to turn it on but I could never get anything on it except fuzz.
Resentment over took me.
Bud was gone.
The tv was just sitting there.
Bad things entered my mind.I blame Bud.

With the help of a friend,I loaded the tv into my wagon and took it to a tv shop on 103rd street.
Never having done any business in my life I remember being nervous.
I told the tv shop guy,"how much will you give me for this tv?"
He looked at it,took the back off and said..."This tv is no good,it has a booster on it."
I had no idea what a booster was.
We stared at each other for a good 5 minutes.
He finally said"I will give you a finn."
I had no idea what a finn was.It sounded lik a lot to me.
It could mean 50 bucks I thought!
As it turns out a finn is $5.00.
I took the finn.I took my wagon home.
Dad says"where have you been?" I say 'out messin around.'
Dad never asked about the tv.
When Bud came home I don't think he missed it.
Years later I told my dad this story.He didn't remember it at all.
Then I found out Bud never missed it.He forgot about it too.
I spent the $5.00.
I probably gave most of it to charity because that's the way I am.

The moral of the story is if you sell your brothers tv,the brother you loved even though he abandoned you,it is ok.

How I Shot My Neighbor

How I Shot My Neighbor and Got Away With It.

I was about 14 or 15,and always loved messing around with bows and arrows.
It was a big kick for me and my friends to go to an open field and just shoot arrows as far as we could.
Our targets were trees or birds and even frogs.I don't remember any of us ever killing anything but we thought we were very cool.The Mighty Hunters.
The arrows we used were target arrows,they had sharp metal points.
One summer day I was shooting arrows in my back yard,shooting at an old wooden chair.
It was a large chair and was not to hard to hit,being just 30 feet away.
This chair was painted white,and had spaces in between the boards.
I shot my arrow,watched as it went through the spaces in the chair,watched as it went through the back yard fence,across the alley,through my neighbors fence and right into my neighbor's back.
It stuck in poor old Charlie for a second,then the arrow fell out.
I heard a yell "AHHHHHH".Then... Mi......!Then all was quiet,very quiet.
I could not believe my shot.My aim had been good.The chair with it's stupid wide slats would be the end of me I was sure.
Charlie had been in his garden,he was bending down pulling weeds.
Somethings you never forget.
I saw poor Charlie standing there,weeds in one hand,my arrow in the other.I didn't see any blood,but I knew it had to really hurt!
One thing I should mention here is that poor Charlie was born without a tongue.
He was very hard to understand.He always called me Mi...It sounded like MY...
This all happened in about 2 seconds and I remember it like it was yesterday.
When I realized what I had done,I ducked.I fled the scene of the crime.
A few hours later I crept back home,thinking my parents were going to kill me.
My dad wasn't home from work yet and mom didn't say anything so I figured I might be off the hook.
When dad did come home,I saw him coming to the back door.My bedroom was right above.
Here came Charlie,arrow in hand,he was watching for old Pete to come home.
Charlie was yelling,PEE PEEE!
Dad had no patience for Charlie,he was just to hard to understand.
Listening from above,I could here my dad giving Charlie the brush off.
Dad was actually thanking Charlie for returning the arrow.

I never did get into trouble for the arrow that went astray.I dd remember it my whole life.
Sadly I had to avoid Charlie whenever I saw him from then on.

The moral of this story if you ever shoot someone in the back,make sure the guy has no tongue.

Touching a Life

One of the last things my mom did in her life was to tell another lady about Jesus.
Mom was in the same hospital room with this lady called Jane.
Mom felt she was a prisoner in the hospital and I laughed and told her her cell-mate Jane probably felt the same way.
Jane listened but as far as I know made no real commitment.
I can only hope that in Janes last moments she did believe.
Mom had her ways about sharing the love of Christ and some ways were just quiet ways that she only knew.
Reflecting back on her life,I wonder how many Janes she had touched.

Mom was a social butterfly,she would have loved Facebook.
There were always people at the house,people always stopped by and she happiest then.
Relatives,friends and neighbor's were constantly at the door.
Some days it seemed the phone never stopped ringing,there was always something she had to share with somebody.
She worked until she was in here late 70's,she took care of old people in a nursing home.
Mom loved us and her Pete.
She would have loved her funeral! Hundreds of people came and I think I realized then how many lives she had touched.

How grateful I am to have had such a mom.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Have You Attacked The Church Today?

I sat and explained my views.
We discussed how I felt about your shallow views on Christianity.
You were most gracious and I appreciated that.
You didn't condemn me for speaking my mind.
And yet you don't understand how important my views are!
I think the way you teach and preach people are going to miss the point and go straight to hell.
Secretly I think you are evil and I will tell on you.
My friends will know that I speak the truth!
My friends will know that I am pretty smart.

I think God will judge you for preaching and teaching the way you do!
Your church is so disorganised I could barely find a seat when I visited.
As I sat there I knew God was telling me not to listen to such drivel.
You know I will not be back and I will tell my friends not to visit either.
I am of the view that I am right and you are absolutely wrong
I think you are deluding people with what spews out of your mouth!
My friends will nod in agreement when I tell them about how awful your church is!
I will feel pretty good about posting how I feel on my blog.
I think your ministry is not going to last much longer!
I heard there was a scandal in your church!
How few have come to know Jesus because of your ministry.

I know God will not bless you in anyway.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fans of Jesus

Facebook now has a place where you can become a fan of Jesus.
It also has a place where you can become a fan of God.

I wonder what is the point?
Having a relationship with Jesus Christ is not a shallow thing.
It should be a all consuming relationship.
Jesus Christ is not definable in a fan club.

He is all knowing.
He is the one with such love and compassion that he died for all us in order that we might spend eternity with Him.
He is the one to who we turn in good times and in bad times.
He is God.
He is The Great I Am.

I am not really offended by the idea of fan clubs for Jesus.
I am a fan of more than a few people and ideas on Facebook.
I just think Jesus deserves more.

Poor Ann

I knew Ann from a few short service calls to her home.
Do I tell Ann's story for the readers?Probably just for myself.
A few quick conversations with Ann and I knew her life.
I would visit every few years when she needed a service call.
A few quick conversations about God.A few quick sentences about eternal life is all we ever had.

She was born a large child.
At birth the nurse recorded her weight at just over 10 pounds.
Her mother thought she was not very lovable,Ann was not an attractive baby.
She ate.
And ate.
Childhood was painful,always made fun of,always friendless Ann retreated into herself.
There was nothing for her in friendship.
She looked at the television,her sole companion in childhood.
She ate more.
When Ann was 14 she weighed over 200 pounds.She stood about 5 feet 4 inches.
Short and dumpy.That's what she thought of herself.
Ann dreamed of Kings and Queens and Princes and Princesses.Her fantasy world.
Her life was dreams and food.
At 20 her mother died and she was alone.
The government took care of her expenses. Her house now was empty except for her cats and her television.
Ann lived and breathed only in her dreams now.
Her weight increased and she could no longer walk without her walker.
Bathroom trips were something she had to plan far in advance.
Groceries she could order by phone.
She hated the forced interaction on the telephone but she needed to eat.
Her life became one long feast.
At 35 Ann was now well over 400 pounds.Breathing became difficult.Walking was nearly impossible.
She thought that all this eating was a slow form of suicide.And that was fine with Ann.
She had no reason to live.When she did face reality it was to painful.

She was a Princess in her castle with her cats as subjects.
Dreams were of a slender girl,dreams were full of graceful dancing and handsome suitors.

Being 40 was something she did not think would happen to her.
35 years she felt was enough.Everlasting loneliness was her life.
Fantasy worlds do not last.
Food lost it's flavor.All food now tastes the same.
Breathing was labor.Walking now almost impossible.
The scale no longer went to whatever number she went.It stopped at 300 anyway.
She saw the hungry kids on tv late at night and thought if she was gone they might have a little more to eat.
Poor Ann.
No knocks on the door.
No calls to see how she is doing.
No friends,just her cats in her little kingdom.
Despair overtook fantasy.Poor Ann.

The heart of Ann stopped on a Wednesday in June of 1987.
Nobody remembers Ann now.
Just me.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Peripheral Neuropathy Thoughts

Sometimes it hits you like a brick.
Sometimes it is just there and you can ignore it.
For me,staying busy works well but it is hard to stay busy 24 hours a day.
When I am working it seems that I can ignore it.
I continue to look online for cures and suggestions.I find there are quacks out there with miracle cures,miracle this and that and blah blah blah.
Now the nerve endings are firing one by one and I believe I have a limited number.
The pills I have to take to alleviate some of the discomfort is getting very expensive,and that is scary.
So,as I write this I feel crummy.Maybe it is because my blood sugar levels are high again,way to high.
As I try to think about what is happening to me I do wonder what the future holds.These thoughts are normal I think.
I am reminded constantly (by myself) of others who have health problems much worse than me. So, I am grateful for what I do have.
I am also reminded daily by myself that God gave me a sense of humor and I can laugh at life,a lot.
So life goes on.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hurt Freind

She was fairly popular,she had looks,a nice personality and seemed to love people.
She didn't have many friends but the friends she had she was loyal to.Her friends thought a great deal of her,so she thought.

A year ago or maybe it was two years ago she can't remember now,she was almost killed in a car accident.
Her arms were broke,she had multiple stitches in the top of her head.Her head was shaved of course.
Her face was battered,her nose broke and she lost several teeth.
Needless to say she was a mess.
She had multiple surgeries,much convalescing and a lot of therapy.

Friends came by her home a lot,they did her a world of good.Her spirits are down but not out.

She suffers still.The wounds are healing but she won't be the same.She doesn't think her personality has changed,but somehow her friends have changed.They no longer call like they did before,they no longer just stop by.
Life isn't the same now she thinks and she has gone into a depression that holds on and holds on.
Family relationships help but they are far away and busy people.
She has asked God for help and He has,but shes so lonely for real friendships.
Friends that don't mention the accident every twenty minutes is what she longs for.
Friends that just stop by or call because they like her for what is she is,these people are gone now from her life.
She thinks if her faith can be measured by percentage points it is down by 50.

Ask her about her life now,don't stare at the scars.The scars hurt worse than the pain.Don't try to impress her with your Christianity,she can see through that.Be real about it.
She wants to come back to life.
Just stop by.Just call and say you would like to go out for dinner.
Tell her you need her in your life,it is what she wants most.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

For Christ's Sake

I have seen and heard this phrase a lot lately-For Christ's Sake or for God's sake.
I hear if from customers,from the public,on tv and lately on Facebook.
A popular radio host uses it on his updates for his Facebook status.
It is used easily in common speech,it is used when people have a point to make.
It is used lightly,and without thought a to what is being said.

I am mad.
I am enraged because of the use of our Lords name in vain.
I am offended.

Will it stop,no.
Will I suggest strongly that people not say For Christs Sake anymore?
I will no longer tolerate it because of ignorance,I will gently correct,once.
If I see it again or hear it again I will not be gentle.I will use very strong words.
For those of you who think the issues raised here is because I am a Christian or am sensitive to the phrase,well,yes I am.
It is for Christ's sake I am who I am.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another Easter Sunday

So here I sit on a Sunday morning.
Finished cleaning up the house for the most part,well Linda did anyway.
Drinking my coffee,listening to Moody Radio,Pastor Lutzer is about to speak.
Now we are kicking back a bit waiting for the family to arrive,all 4 kids,their mates and all 11 and 1/3 grandkids.
These times in my life are the best,we get together,eat,smile,laugh and just enjoy each other.
There are no fights,no arguing,nothing bad is ever said.
It has been like this now for a very long time.
Linda,this is our 39th Easter together,how happy these times are.Who could ask for a better family?

It is the day we set aside to celebrate the Kings Resurrection,it is the day he got up.
How blessed I am!
How blessed we all are on this Easter!
Today is day for smiles for we know all that we have heard about Jesus is true.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Whitney

Happy Birthday Whitney,
Look at you! Another year has gone by and now you are 9.
I hope this is one of the best birthdays you have ever had!
Grammy and me are so very proud of you,you ar very special to us and I can't tell you how much we love you.
I found what I wrote 1 year ago and I thought you might like to see it again.
God Bless You Whit

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Whitney
Hello Whitney,Today is the day you turn 8!I remember well the day you were born,I could not wait to see you and say hello for the first time.You were so adorable,I know you smiled at your old papa,and that sure made me feel good!Now we have been to 7 of your birthday parties and I am waiting for an invitation to number 8.My sweet little one,God have given you so much,a great mom and dad who loves you so much,a great family of sisters,and Grandma and Grandpa's who love you very much.Much Love and Affection,Papa

Roseland and the Hoods I Have Lived In continued again

We moved from South Park in South Holland to a house in Dolton with four bedrooms and a large basement.
The payment for this house was $160.00,the price was about $21,000.
Linda was pregnant again of course and was due to deliver right after we moved in.
She was gardening in our new garden when the baby decided to come.
I was working in Roseland at Midland Chemical when she called me.I rushed home and we drove to the hospital.
Michelle Dawn Lanting was born on May 10,1973.
My brothers each had 3 boys,I had 2 already and then Michelle came into our life.
One memory I have was calling my mom from the hospital and telling her she finally had a grand daughter.She thought I was making it up!
Since the day Michelle was born she has brought me great Joy,she has made me proud,and made me a better dad.
How much can a man love his kids? God only knows.
My boys Kevin and Mark had a new sister,what fun we has introducing them to a sister.
In 1975 we had our last boy,Joel.
We always thought the last child was the easiest.
Our lives were busy,but full of great happiness.
Linda and I laughed a lot with the kids.These were good times.
Not much money but God always supplied enough for us.

We had four kids now and a mess of dogs as usual.
Moving to another home in Dolton on Meadow Lane we paid $40,000 and the payments were about $300.00.This is the home we still live in and it seems right for us today.
The house is full as we still have dogs and thousand of books and hobby stuff.

This in not the end of the story of course,there are so many details in any families lives it is impossible to write the all in a post like this.
I owe my life to Linda my wife,in many many ways.
I can say that I have know Jesus Christ,Linda Lanting,Kevin,Lynn,Mark Abby,Michelle,Rob,Joel and Lisa. My happiness comes from them all.

Paul Simon said it best:
Now the years are rolling by me,They are rocking evenly-And I am older than I once was-And younger than I'll be, but that's not unusual.No, it isn't strangeAfter changes upon changes We are more or less the same After changes we are more or less the same

Neurophathy Cures

Neurophathy Cures.
Having an invisible heath problem will not bring celebrities to your door.

The lesson I have learned about having neurophathy is that I can relate to those of you that have it.
I am on your side.
Doctors deal out drugs which are getting to be more expensive every month.
When we are old how will be able to afford it?
Where is the research?
If our neurophathy problems were visible there would be a great foundation with millions of dollars available to researchers.
But there isn't.
I want to hear from you and hear your story.
To email me directly