Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Touching a Life

One of the last things my mom did in her life was to tell another lady about Jesus.
Mom was in the same hospital room with this lady called Jane.
Mom felt she was a prisoner in the hospital and I laughed and told her her cell-mate Jane probably felt the same way.
Jane listened but as far as I know made no real commitment.
I can only hope that in Janes last moments she did believe.
Mom had her ways about sharing the love of Christ and some ways were just quiet ways that she only knew.
Reflecting back on her life,I wonder how many Janes she had touched.

Mom was a social butterfly,she would have loved Facebook.
There were always people at the house,people always stopped by and she happiest then.
Relatives,friends and neighbor's were constantly at the door.
Some days it seemed the phone never stopped ringing,there was always something she had to share with somebody.
She worked until she was in here late 70's,she took care of old people in a nursing home.
Mom loved us and her Pete.
She would have loved her funeral! Hundreds of people came and I think I realized then how many lives she had touched.

How grateful I am to have had such a mom.

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