Monday, April 27, 2009

Have You Attacked The Church Today?

I sat and explained my views.
We discussed how I felt about your shallow views on Christianity.
You were most gracious and I appreciated that.
You didn't condemn me for speaking my mind.
And yet you don't understand how important my views are!
I think the way you teach and preach people are going to miss the point and go straight to hell.
Secretly I think you are evil and I will tell on you.
My friends will know that I speak the truth!
My friends will know that I am pretty smart.

I think God will judge you for preaching and teaching the way you do!
Your church is so disorganised I could barely find a seat when I visited.
As I sat there I knew God was telling me not to listen to such drivel.
You know I will not be back and I will tell my friends not to visit either.
I am of the view that I am right and you are absolutely wrong
I think you are deluding people with what spews out of your mouth!
My friends will nod in agreement when I tell them about how awful your church is!
I will feel pretty good about posting how I feel on my blog.
I think your ministry is not going to last much longer!
I heard there was a scandal in your church!
How few have come to know Jesus because of your ministry.

I know God will not bless you in anyway.

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