Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another Easter Sunday

So here I sit on a Sunday morning.
Finished cleaning up the house for the most part,well Linda did anyway.
Drinking my coffee,listening to Moody Radio,Pastor Lutzer is about to speak.
Now we are kicking back a bit waiting for the family to arrive,all 4 kids,their mates and all 11 and 1/3 grandkids.
These times in my life are the best,we get together,eat,smile,laugh and just enjoy each other.
There are no fights,no arguing,nothing bad is ever said.
It has been like this now for a very long time.
Linda,this is our 39th Easter together,how happy these times are.Who could ask for a better family?

It is the day we set aside to celebrate the Kings Resurrection,it is the day he got up.
How blessed I am!
How blessed we all are on this Easter!
Today is day for smiles for we know all that we have heard about Jesus is true.

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