Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hurt Freind

She was fairly popular,she had looks,a nice personality and seemed to love people.
She didn't have many friends but the friends she had she was loyal to.Her friends thought a great deal of her,so she thought.

A year ago or maybe it was two years ago she can't remember now,she was almost killed in a car accident.
Her arms were broke,she had multiple stitches in the top of her head.Her head was shaved of course.
Her face was battered,her nose broke and she lost several teeth.
Needless to say she was a mess.
She had multiple surgeries,much convalescing and a lot of therapy.

Friends came by her home a lot,they did her a world of good.Her spirits are down but not out.

She suffers still.The wounds are healing but she won't be the same.She doesn't think her personality has changed,but somehow her friends have changed.They no longer call like they did before,they no longer just stop by.
Life isn't the same now she thinks and she has gone into a depression that holds on and holds on.
Family relationships help but they are far away and busy people.
She has asked God for help and He has,but shes so lonely for real friendships.
Friends that don't mention the accident every twenty minutes is what she longs for.
Friends that just stop by or call because they like her for what is she is,these people are gone now from her life.
She thinks if her faith can be measured by percentage points it is down by 50.

Ask her about her life now,don't stare at the scars.The scars hurt worse than the pain.Don't try to impress her with your Christianity,she can see through that.Be real about it.
She wants to come back to life.
Just stop by.Just call and say you would like to go out for dinner.
Tell her you need her in your life,it is what she wants most.

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