Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Monday, April 28, 2008

Things I Know and Things That I Don't Know

I have never seen a squirrel drink water,don't they drink?
My dogs absolutely hate squirrels.With great passion!

I know that tonight I feel ok,minimal discomfort.Tomorrow I wonder about.

Today was just like yesterday,only it is today and not yesterday.

I have been working full time since I was 17.I want to take a summer off.

What is it that makes racism so prevalent in our world?

My garden is a source of pride. I never had a garden before 3 years ago.Am I getting weird or what?

Smiles from grandkids make everything ok.

Long lost friends that appear out of nowhere,this is truly a good thing.

Facebook can be pretty funny,keeping up with the fam.

The Godfather movies are incredible works of art.The first 2.No.3 was an experiment in crapulence.

The last Civil war veteran died when I was 9.This amazes me.

The government had decided the poor can no longer have free tv.without a box of somekind to unscramble the signals.This is stupid.

People who have small minds refuse to change.Sadly I find this happens to old people.I hope my mind stays reasonably open minded.

I get cold way to easy.

This sure is a random post.Isn't it? Just typing out loud here.

The race for the presidency is tiresome.I know it is important but sheeesh.It goes on and on every night on the news.News people,get a hint,it is not BREAKING NEWS! !

I never know much about anything,but what I do know,I know it well.

Daughters are a gift right from the heart of God.

Sunday, April 20, 2008



Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Heritage in Eternity

A hundred years from now,or even 50 years from now,will our family look back on things that have happened in my lifetime? Will they honor us as parents who honored Jesus?
No,I am not into ancestor worship,but even in the Commandments God told to "Honor your father and your mother, so that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you".

Will our children's children have a relationship with Jesus? Yes,they will.Without a doubt in my mind.

Long ago my ancestors came to a knowledge and trust of the Savior,and look at us here today.My whole family loves the Lord,I can see in in their eyes,I can see it in their acts,I see it always in their faith.I see it also now in their writings.

It is all by God's Grace.Amen.
So tonight let us sleep well,for this heritage shall not fail.

Even so,come quickly Lord Jesus.


I have many nephews,the last count is 13.
You guys always have a place in my heart and now I am praying for you all.
I miss you all,I do see Jon once in a while and he was able to get me 2 sets of Cubs tickets! Thank You Jon you made me and Aunt Linda very happy.
I remember you guys since babyhood,I remember holding you and walking around grampas house.
Growing up we all realize life isn't so easy,but you are making it now.
You are all men now,amazing to me.Having kids of your own,may God bless.
If any of you see this,drop me an email ---clockmaker1974@yahoo.com

Raising my glass of ice tea to you guys,Linda says I cant have wine,for now.
To Richard,Glen,Jon,Brian,David,Paul,Brian J.,Garrit,Dan,Keith,Tim,Jeff and Steven.

Good Days Bad Days Average Days

I guess there are many people like me,suffering from the effects of diabetes,COPD,severe arthritis etc etc.
I do a lot of reading on these subjects and it has varying degrees of yuckiness.
Today we spent some time getting a rental car,my truck had died again.Pray for healing.
We also worked a bit,then came home and said we are not to work more today.it is about 70 degrees outside,much to nice to be inside.
I was able to rake my garden, and Lin removed all the old mulch and junk That accumulates over the course of a few months.
While I was raking,I came across some polished rocks that Maddie and Brooke put in my garden a year ago.I told them then that these were Memory Stones and they would always remember the day the put these in papa's garden.
I don't know how well they remember now,but to me it was a special time,a special thing for me.
So we dug up the stones and separated them into a small pile.This will be the second year for the Memory Stones.
Maybe it is silly,but this old papa is sentimental about things.
I treasure memories.

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Day Away

So Monday I took a day off.
Away from work and computers and everything.
My son and I went up to Milwaukee to a place that sells amateur radio equipment.
We both spent some hard earned money but it was worth the trip.
On the way home we were pulled over by a state cop who said Mark did an illegal maneuver. HA!
He was totally innocent of all wrongdoing.We told the cop I needed the bathroom at the next oasis so I could attend to my diabetes problems.Which was totally true!I told him Mark did as I asked and pulled over into the right lane as I asked.
The cop gave Mark a warning and asked if I was ok.
All is well that ends well.
So a day away from it all was a great day and spending time with Mark is always a pleasure,we get along pretty good.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Alas But For A Hot Tub

Many of you know I am suffering from something called diabetic neuropathy.
It is a debilitating disease that bothers me a great deal at times.
We have discovered that hot water seems to help a lot.
When I was in Tennessee 2 weeks ago there was a hot tub on the porch.
I spent a lot of time in it and that really soothed my nerves.
The reason I am posting this is I need a miracle.
Please pray that somehow God would provide me money to buy a hot tub.
From Wickepedia:
Diabetic neuropathies are neuropathic disorders that are associated with diabetes mellitus. These conditions are thought to result from diabetic microvascular injury involving small blood vessels that supply nerves (vasa nervorum). Relatively common conditions which may be associated with diabetic neuropathy include third nerve palsy; mononeuropathy; mononeuropathy multiplex; diabetic amyotrophy; a painful polyneuropathy; autonomic neuropathy; and thoracoabdominal neuropathy.
Diabetes is the leading known* cause of neuropathy in developed countries, and neuropathy is the most common complication and greatest source of morbidity and mortality in diabetes patients. It is estimated that the prevalence of neuropathy in diabetes patients is approximately 20%. Diabetic neuropathy is implicated in 50-75% of nontraumatic amputations.

The main risk factor for diabetic neuropathy is hyperglycemia.It is important to note that people with diabetes are more likely to develop symptoms relating to peripheral neuropathy as the excess glucose in the blood results in a condition known as Glucojasinogen. This condition is affiliated with erectile dysfunction and epigastric tenderness which in turn results in lack of blood flow to the peripheral intrapectine nerves which govern the movement of the arms and legs. In the DCCT (Diabetes Control and Complications Trial, 1995) study, the annual incidence of neuropathy was 2% per year, but dropped to 0.56% with intensive treatment of Type 1 diabetics. The progression of neuropathy is dependent on the degree of glycemic control in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Duration of diabetes, age, cigarette smoking, hypertension, height and hyperlipidemia are also risk factors for diabetic neuropathy

Roseland and the Hoods I Have Lived In

I miss the people.
There were times people would show up in your front yard.
She would make coffee,someone might run for donuts.
We sat there for hours,talking laughing,comparing life stories that were deeper than we knew.
Perhaps the next night we would go 2 doors down and have coffee.
Then the next go 3 doors down and do the same.
Sometimes it lasted hours,sometimes just a quick hello then back home.
We all had kids roughly the same age,we could relate easily.
I wonder if places in the hood exist anymore.
We don't know people anymore.People who live 40 feet from me.
What a strange world now.
Are there neighborhoods that exist like Roseland?
Or like the place I now live,now long gone?
If so,please let me know.

Taking Yourself Seriously

When making an important speech,make sure your speech is recorded.
The go home with the recording,turn it on and listen.
Then listen again with the recording at 2 times normal speed.

Convince a publisher to publish your book.
Publish book.
Wait for the money to come rolling in.
You make $250.00 after a year.
Hope for a cult following of your book.
Wait 6 months.
You see your book listed on Amazon for 10 cents.

Tell your friend about the love of God.
Feel really good about being so spirtual.
Admire your self for the next few days.
Sin like you always have next.
Then remember we are not perfect.
It is ok to feel good.
You did what was right,in your heart.

Marry the girl of your dreams in your youth.
Live together for 20 years.
Have affairs.
Do whatever you want.
Stop trying.
Take a walk in your backyard.
Make the decision.
Get in your car and never come back.
Destroy everything you have known to be true.
Marry some slut.
Watch as she loses all your money at a casino.
Start over.

Say a meaningfull,deep,face to face with Jesus prayer.
Feel deeply relieved that you shared with the creator of the world.
Stand amazed when you feel the presence of such as God.
Watch your children and then grandchildren accept the invitation to Heaven.

Phones are a pain,I dislike the noise they make.
I dislike talking to customers.
Answer the darn phone.
Make an appointment with nice lady.
Make the service call.
Get paid.
Listen as she asks if you are ready for heaven,do you know Jesus?
You smile and say yes.
You ask,do you say this to everyone?
She answers,well of course.He is the one that saved me.
You ride home.
You think that lady was amazing.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Times We Met

The times we met we long ago and far away.
We fell for each other at 18,at 19 we were married.
The children came Kevin,Mark.Then I found Jesus,or he found me.
Michelle,Joel and the time flew by.
Kids in school,then suddenly out and finding loves of thier own.
Lot of sorting out,finding the right mates,me praying,hoping for their future.
Then a different phase,finding ourselves alone,fishing a lot,me getting hit by a tree.
Healing comes slow,but it comes,she stays on,always loving me fully,no questions,she was mine and I was hers.
After 25 years asking her to marry me again,having Rob perform a ceremony for us.We love each other still.
Now we are 10 grandkids richer and the kids are busy working for Jesus,isn't this what we prayed and hoped for? God blesses us.
One more phase,I got sick and she stays,no questions,she is mine and I am hers.
We have our Sundays when the kids are here,holidays they all come,amazing times for me.
Seeing them live the lives Jesus wants,it makes us happy.
I stay with her and will forever,she knows me.
She stays because she loves me and will forever.
What a happiness.
What a life.
Jesus has taken us far,and He stays because he loves us.

Where Happieness is Found ---By Request

Some cant seem to get at older posts and have asked to see this one again.
I wrote this a few weeks ago.

It is found in the routine.
It is found sharing this life,for better or for worse.
When you smile passing in the hall,and there is no particular reason.
When one of the kids calls.
Sitting down to a Sunday dinner.
She lets you sleep.
Knowing our parents are safe in Heaven.
Surprising her with a gift.
Knowing you are loved with a love that is amazingly patient.
Your love shares your passion about hobbies.
Being laughed at,knowing you did something dumb,she knows that you know.
Having backgrounds that are similar,it makes for sharing thoughts easy.
Being amazed at the passage of years.
She knows your secrets and secrets they remain.
Holding hands late at night.
Having a moral high ground.
Knowing she prays.
We both love to read,and we share what we have learned.
Fishing together in a far away place,this is what we love.
It is found when the grandkids talk to her and she listens.
Realizing blessings come undeserved and remaining always thankful.
more to come.

Things I Don't Like Much

Bad Harry Carey commercials,I never was much of a fan but these commercials are the worst.


Talking on the phone.

Being obstinate,I wonder why I am such a person! (Working on it.)

Being dizzy so I can no longer drive.Its the meds,we are still experimenting.

Taking 15 pills a day.

Falling asleep in the car when Linda is driving.

Not sleeping at night.This is improving though.

Putting things off.

Not being communicative.

Well,I could go on,its just a mood that will pass.I really am a pretty happy person!


Courage,do we have it?
I wonder about Peter,legend says he wanted to be crucified upside down.He didn't think he was worthy to be crucified like his Lord. Amazing courage.

My thoughts go back a long way to a civil war veteran who after losing the use of his left arm,being a prisoner in Richmond, Virginia,being beat at the prison and going down to 90 pounds.After 3 years of war he reenlists as a Veteran Volunteer and serves another year until the war ends.Amazing courage.

Courage to forgive and swallow your pride.How many of us can do that? When one is hurt beyond what we can endure..That is courage,amazing courage.

People who go forward for healing to the elders of their church,that's courage built from faith.Do many of us have such courage?

A pastor friend I have,his daughter has cancer,it does not look good.He preaches God's love every week with out fail.Amazing courage.

A soldier in Iraq who gave his life so others may live,stunning courage.

A friend who donates a kidney to an stranger,where do these people come from?

I know people married for 65 years,one dies,the other says Gods will always prevails,He knows best.Amazing to me.

Finding yourself lacking in faith,deciding this is where I fall short,taking action by reading God's word and letting Him speak and change you,this is courage.

So, courage has been on my mind this week.

I do find it frustrating.I find myself feeling sorry for myself.I find a separation from God even for a short time brings me way down.I always hoped for stability in my walk with Jesus,I am still working on it.

But I am reminded of so many people who had courage,I still try.I will not give up,never.

Friday, April 4, 2008


People People People!

Please listen!

A simple request from me before I die.
Hopefully I have many years left so this isn't a morbid thing.

When I expire,please don't refer to my body as............his remains!

Funeral directors use this term I am sure,however don't use it for me.

My body when dead is probably worthless,but heck it was once something special at least to me.

I know we will get new bodies in Heaven,but my old body meant something to me.

I Remain Yours,

Cheesy Christian Art, Testamints, and Salt

Stealing the post from Rob,my son in law

Scroll down on this page to find-Cheesy Christian Art, Testamints, and Salt


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Whitney

Hello Whitney,
Today is the day you turn 8!
I remember well the day you were born,I could not wait to see you and say hello for the first time.
You were so adorable,I know you smiled at your old papa,and that sure made me feel good!
Now we have been to 7 of your birthday parties and I am waiting for an invitation to number 8.
My sweet little one,God have given you so much,a great mom and dad who loves you so much,a great family of sisters,and Grandma and Grandpa's who love you very much.
Much Love and Affection,

Roseland Chicago Video From 105th & Normal Ave

For My Brothers

Found On You Tube

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Things To Think About

Why do publishers publish such trashy novels by trashy authors? There must be some government grants or tax breaks.

Why does the Bible sometimes seem closed for today,go away for a while.

Why are there Check Engine Lights when they are so stupid and meaningless.

Christianity is mocked daily in all media,but I suppose this should not surprise us.We are honored to be mocked with Christ.

Do they still make Keds?

Can you really sing along to the song "I Had The Time of My Life?"

What song do you sing along to?

If all the world were teenaged,who would make the movies that are now available to see?

I have mentioned this before but doesn't the universe just impress you to a stunning insight? How big is God? He made all this.

I know there are more lonely people in the world then not.

NEUROPATHY-Pain signals no longer represent an alarm about ongoing or impending injury, instead the alarm system itself is malfunctioning.-I dislike this immensely.

My eyes are slowly going bad,I need new glasses again.I dislike this as much.

Our Hope is in truth,and that should be enough to carry us through.

People have prayed and asked for the Lord to increase their faith.This I think is bold.

Old veterans are amazing to talk to,I am glad I can once in a while.