Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I have many nephews,the last count is 13.
You guys always have a place in my heart and now I am praying for you all.
I miss you all,I do see Jon once in a while and he was able to get me 2 sets of Cubs tickets! Thank You Jon you made me and Aunt Linda very happy.
I remember you guys since babyhood,I remember holding you and walking around grampas house.
Growing up we all realize life isn't so easy,but you are making it now.
You are all men now,amazing to me.Having kids of your own,may God bless.
If any of you see this,drop me an email

Raising my glass of ice tea to you guys,Linda says I cant have wine,for now.
To Richard,Glen,Jon,Brian,David,Paul,Brian J.,Garrit,Dan,Keith,Tim,Jeff and Steven.

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jonlanting said...

your welcome uncle mike hope you guys have a good time and hope they are still playing good at that time