Sunday, April 6, 2008

Times We Met

The times we met we long ago and far away.
We fell for each other at 18,at 19 we were married.
The children came Kevin,Mark.Then I found Jesus,or he found me.
Michelle,Joel and the time flew by.
Kids in school,then suddenly out and finding loves of thier own.
Lot of sorting out,finding the right mates,me praying,hoping for their future.
Then a different phase,finding ourselves alone,fishing a lot,me getting hit by a tree.
Healing comes slow,but it comes,she stays on,always loving me fully,no questions,she was mine and I was hers.
After 25 years asking her to marry me again,having Rob perform a ceremony for us.We love each other still.
Now we are 10 grandkids richer and the kids are busy working for Jesus,isn't this what we prayed and hoped for? God blesses us.
One more phase,I got sick and she stays,no questions,she is mine and I am hers.
We have our Sundays when the kids are here,holidays they all come,amazing times for me.
Seeing them live the lives Jesus wants,it makes us happy.
I stay with her and will forever,she knows me.
She stays because she loves me and will forever.
What a happiness.
What a life.
Jesus has taken us far,and He stays because he loves us.

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