Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Things To Think About

Why do publishers publish such trashy novels by trashy authors? There must be some government grants or tax breaks.

Why does the Bible sometimes seem closed for today,go away for a while.

Why are there Check Engine Lights when they are so stupid and meaningless.

Christianity is mocked daily in all media,but I suppose this should not surprise us.We are honored to be mocked with Christ.

Do they still make Keds?

Can you really sing along to the song "I Had The Time of My Life?"

What song do you sing along to?

If all the world were teenaged,who would make the movies that are now available to see?

I have mentioned this before but doesn't the universe just impress you to a stunning insight? How big is God? He made all this.

I know there are more lonely people in the world then not.

NEUROPATHY-Pain signals no longer represent an alarm about ongoing or impending injury, instead the alarm system itself is malfunctioning.-I dislike this immensely.

My eyes are slowly going bad,I need new glasses again.I dislike this as much.

Our Hope is in truth,and that should be enough to carry us through.

People have prayed and asked for the Lord to increase their faith.This I think is bold.

Old veterans are amazing to talk to,I am glad I can once in a while.

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