Thursday, April 10, 2008

Taking Yourself Seriously

When making an important speech,make sure your speech is recorded.
The go home with the recording,turn it on and listen.
Then listen again with the recording at 2 times normal speed.

Convince a publisher to publish your book.
Publish book.
Wait for the money to come rolling in.
You make $250.00 after a year.
Hope for a cult following of your book.
Wait 6 months.
You see your book listed on Amazon for 10 cents.

Tell your friend about the love of God.
Feel really good about being so spirtual.
Admire your self for the next few days.
Sin like you always have next.
Then remember we are not perfect.
It is ok to feel good.
You did what was right,in your heart.

Marry the girl of your dreams in your youth.
Live together for 20 years.
Have affairs.
Do whatever you want.
Stop trying.
Take a walk in your backyard.
Make the decision.
Get in your car and never come back.
Destroy everything you have known to be true.
Marry some slut.
Watch as she loses all your money at a casino.
Start over.

Say a meaningfull,deep,face to face with Jesus prayer.
Feel deeply relieved that you shared with the creator of the world.
Stand amazed when you feel the presence of such as God.
Watch your children and then grandchildren accept the invitation to Heaven.

Phones are a pain,I dislike the noise they make.
I dislike talking to customers.
Answer the darn phone.
Make an appointment with nice lady.
Make the service call.
Get paid.
Listen as she asks if you are ready for heaven,do you know Jesus?
You smile and say yes.
You ask,do you say this to everyone?
She answers,well of course.He is the one that saved me.
You ride home.
You think that lady was amazing.

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