Sunday, April 6, 2008


Courage,do we have it?
I wonder about Peter,legend says he wanted to be crucified upside down.He didn't think he was worthy to be crucified like his Lord. Amazing courage.

My thoughts go back a long way to a civil war veteran who after losing the use of his left arm,being a prisoner in Richmond, Virginia,being beat at the prison and going down to 90 pounds.After 3 years of war he reenlists as a Veteran Volunteer and serves another year until the war ends.Amazing courage.

Courage to forgive and swallow your pride.How many of us can do that? When one is hurt beyond what we can endure..That is courage,amazing courage.

People who go forward for healing to the elders of their church,that's courage built from faith.Do many of us have such courage?

A pastor friend I have,his daughter has cancer,it does not look good.He preaches God's love every week with out fail.Amazing courage.

A soldier in Iraq who gave his life so others may live,stunning courage.

A friend who donates a kidney to an stranger,where do these people come from?

I know people married for 65 years,one dies,the other says Gods will always prevails,He knows best.Amazing to me.

Finding yourself lacking in faith,deciding this is where I fall short,taking action by reading God's word and letting Him speak and change you,this is courage.

So, courage has been on my mind this week.

I do find it frustrating.I find myself feeling sorry for myself.I find a separation from God even for a short time brings me way down.I always hoped for stability in my walk with Jesus,I am still working on it.

But I am reminded of so many people who had courage,I still try.I will not give up,never.

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