Monday, February 23, 2009

Trials With No Answers-Yet

Trails are not much fun,at least for me.
I tend to say,nuts.
Have you heard people tell you to thank God for your trials?
Daily I am dealing with a problem which to me is is of great magnitude.
Are you slowed down because of you current situation? I am.
I have always loved my work,I love making service calls.I love fixing clocks for people.
God gave me the talent and I use it to the best of my ability,mostly.
Spirituality -Are you closer to God when things are going very well? I am.
I have yet to learn that God's presence is their when things are going well and when they are not.
I am struggling now with neuropathy.
It wears on me.I can not do the things I used to.
Planning things in advance helps but I don't like that much.
I know God knows how I feel,he knows everything. Right?
I am not depressed,just wanted to write down my thoughts,just for myself.

God,you know my frailties,you know my innermost thoughts.
Do I tell you thanks for all this?
You know how grateful I am for my wife an my wonderful family.I can never thank you enough for them.
I did not know the plans you had for them.
Years ago it was a big mystery for me,wondering,praying and guiding.
Now my body aches and Lord I don't like it one bit.
I know many people have health issues much more serious than mine Lord,you showed them to me all my life.
Doctors tell me there is no cure.Just deal with it the best you can.
I know you can heal and I believe that with all my heart.
My weariness is troubling to me spiritually Lord.
Sometimes I just want to go home.

This was what you might call a rant.
I wrote this for me,I think it is good to put thoughts in words I can read over.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

25 Things

1.I became a Christian in 1971.

2.I had 4 kids when I was 24.Actually Linda had them.

3.I have been working full time since I was 17.

4.I brood about too many friends who have gone on before me.

5.I almost died 3 times.

6.Linda saved my life.

7. Karla Verhagen saved my life.

8.The last time was just over a year ago when I was diagnosed with a a few illnesses.

9.I have 11 grandkids and one on the way.

10.I can get lost in thought while reading the Bible.

11.I believe our country is very sick.

12.I think about kids I went to school with and where they are.

13.I used Rogaine for a week.

14.I love my first job 95% of the time.(clockmaker)

15.I love my second job 95% of the time.(bookseller)

16.I procrastinate a lot and I don't like it.

17.My dogs are my friends too.

18.I always wanted a better prayer life and am always working on it.

19. I have been to most of the United States,a lot of Canada.

20.I spent 2o minutes in Mexico.

21.I would die for my family.

22.I love radio,AM-FM-Shortwave and scanners.I am also a ham radio operator.

23.Fishing is one of the loves of my life.

24.I wish my family all lived on my street.

25.My desk often has mountains of stuff on it but I can tell if someone moves something.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Things I Think About.

Email forwards.
I have one friend who emails me continually about political stuff.
Its really not a big deal because I agree with him on most things,but I don't read any of it.

I like genuine Christian people.
They surprise and amaze me.

I like WWII vets.I have met some many through my businesses.
Many say there is no need to thanks them but I do anyway.
Most are in their 80's and 90's.

It brings a lot of inward joy when my kids and grandkids are so happy to see me.
We sure have good times together.

Since I closed my clock shop I think I want to open up again.
Then I think again.
I miss it,but not the hours and the stress.

You can accuse anyone of anything at anytime.

My wife is still my best friend.

I have 13 nephews and 4 nieces,it is nice to have such a prolific family.
I love you all,very much.

My brother Bud makes me laugh out loud and he always has been able to do that.

I am very proud of my 3 sons for the Spirit of God which is so evident in their lives.
I have one daughter and Michelle you amaze me.
You are such an good wife to Rob,a wonderful mom to 3 girls and an example of a Godly woman to so many. Your dad loves you very,very much.

We are a family that hugs.
That is a good thing.
more to come

February Goals

My goals for the next few months.
1.Find a church that we can relate to.

2.Pray more.

3.Read the Psalms.I find I can get lost in there.

4. Go fishing early this year.

5.Be more charitable.

6.Upgrade my ham radio class.

7. Travel more.

8.Get motivated about Ebay again.

9.Be neater.

10.Get a new puppy.

11.Find time and motivation to paint again.

12.Restore old friendships.

13.Find something,some product that will cure neuropathy.

14.Be more grateful.

15.Write on my blog a lot more.