Sunday, February 15, 2009

Things I Think About.

Email forwards.
I have one friend who emails me continually about political stuff.
Its really not a big deal because I agree with him on most things,but I don't read any of it.

I like genuine Christian people.
They surprise and amaze me.

I like WWII vets.I have met some many through my businesses.
Many say there is no need to thanks them but I do anyway.
Most are in their 80's and 90's.

It brings a lot of inward joy when my kids and grandkids are so happy to see me.
We sure have good times together.

Since I closed my clock shop I think I want to open up again.
Then I think again.
I miss it,but not the hours and the stress.

You can accuse anyone of anything at anytime.

My wife is still my best friend.

I have 13 nephews and 4 nieces,it is nice to have such a prolific family.
I love you all,very much.

My brother Bud makes me laugh out loud and he always has been able to do that.

I am very proud of my 3 sons for the Spirit of God which is so evident in their lives.
I have one daughter and Michelle you amaze me.
You are such an good wife to Rob,a wonderful mom to 3 girls and an example of a Godly woman to so many. Your dad loves you very,very much.

We are a family that hugs.
That is a good thing.
more to come

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