Sunday, March 7, 2010

How Long Will Blogs Last?

I write for my kids and my grand kids.

I wonder if the things I write will be here in 30 or 40 years.
Will there be some new technology that makes blogs unreadable?
I hope the technology that we have now in 201o won't become like a VHS tape.
I write because I think my past is important to me.
There are not many great words of wisdom here,it is just me trying to share a life.
Sharing this past of mine is a way for the future generations to know who I am,or was.
My own grandfathers have been gone many years and although I have memories of both of them,I don't know the details of the lives they led.I have a few faded photographs and that's it.
I never had any grandmothers,they both died before I was born.I am told I missed out on a lot of things. What I don't know about them both makes me wonder who they were.How and why did they do the things they did.
So,my children if you read this many years from now,know this;there was a father and grandfather who loved you with all his heart.I think about all of you everyday.
More important I have prayed everyday for you all.
It would be so interesting for me to see how you all turned out.
What do you do? Have you married? How many kids do you have?
Did you go to college? Are you in love? Are you serving God?
One more thing to say for now-I am so happy to know you and to have you in my life.When I was a younger and had Kevin,Mark,Michelle and Joel as children,I never thought about grand kids.It never occurred to me that I would have so many!
You bless me,all 13 of you.
Your papa loves you verrrrry much.

Family Weekend

Friday night we went to dinner at Joel and Lisa's house in Dyer,Indiana.
Caleb and Alistair were so happy to see me they did a little dance.
These are such happy times for this old papa.

Saturday we went out to Michigan City,Indiana to have lunch with Michelle,Maddie,Whit and Belle.
I got many hugs from my girls during the lunch.We laughed a lot and took silly pictures.God gave me some amazing grand daughters.

Sunday Mark,Abbey,Alistair and Jared came over for dinner.
We waited for the ball game to start,it never did because of rain.
Alistair wanted to watch Andre again,so we did.It is a great DVD and I think I have seen it a hundred times.Alistair loves it so I did not mind at all.
Alistair always helps me feed my fish,and the dogs.
We went back to get the food and Alistair asks me "Where is Robin Papa?"
I didn't know exactly what to say.I said Robin has gone away.
He asked me again ''Where is Robin?" I said shes gone to heaven.
I know he didn't understand but he let it go.
I think if God loves us enough to let us have pets,he will make sure we see them again.
There is no Bible verse to back me up,I just have a feeling.


I don't care!
That is all.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good Heavens

People say strange things.

I hear these a lot

Good Heavens !

Goodness Gracious!

Good God!

Jesus Christ!


Good Lord Almighty!

For Christs sake!

For Gods sake!

For the Love of God!

For Craps Sake!

Mother of God!

Mary,Mother of God!

Holy Shit! (sorry)

We all have heard these phrases.

I have used some of them in moments of anger.Maybe you have too.

Now we know God is in Heaven,we know God is Holy.
It is time to stop and think,please.

There May Come a Day For This

Perhaps the day is coming when God calls us home

Maybe it will be soon

Maybe it will be years from now

The day will be a good day

There shall be no great sorrow

A tear or two would be fine

This time here has gone very fast

How did it all happen?

I know you were there,Lord

I knew all the time

I seemed to ignore you


But I did know

So when the time comes

Please don't remember the bad stuff

The alone times

The prideful times

The anger

The questions,the million questions

Just bring me home.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Random Stuff

I am not a surfer.
I have the most amazing,loving,sweetest,daughter in the world.I love you Michelle.
Times may be hard financially for some of us but how did my parents and grandparents make it through the Great Depression?
There has to be a cure for Alzheimer's in my lifetime.
Friends online can be pretty good friends.
Friends online can be weird.
I could never run fast.I always lost races.Maybe because I broke my leg at a young age.I don't know.
I lost 84 pounds and gained 25 back.That's ok with me.
I hate checking my blood sugar level.Waiting for that stupid meter to to me how I am bugs me.
I was married at 19,had 4 kids by the time I was 24.Now I have 13 grandchildren and am amazed.
I once broke 27 bones.
TV bores the life out of me. I like Who's Line is it Anyway? I will sit through it.
My customers are awesome people.
I like my job a lot.
I enjoy listening more than talking on my ham radios.
I can't make small talk very well.I find it excruciating.
Ron Santo is a hero of mine.
People who swear annoy me.
I really like the doxology hymn at the end of a church service.
I love getting lost in a book.
Nueropathy is hard to live with most days.
I have been ok money wise.
I have not been ok money wise.
I have friends who would go to court with me.
When I go to church,I sit in the back.Far back.
I passed a test recently for ham radio.I got 2 wrong out of 35.I found it was easy to pass .I studied pretty hard for it.
Why does Google look at every blog I make? Huh? Yes Google in Mountain View, California.
A picture I posted a long time ago about Jesus playing football gets a lot of hits.I may have missed a major point about blogging here,but I don't care.
Sometimes I write stuff that's pretty good.Sometimes I don't.But I left it all here.
I want my grand kids to know about me long after I am gone.
I miss Three Musketeer Candy Bars a lot.
Sugar free is not always really sugar free.
I can be very stubborn.
I can not sing.I am terrible at it.But I love all kinds of music.
Bye for now.

Looking Back

I have reconnected with some old friends from Facebook in the last few weeks.
They posted pictures of my family I have never seen,it has been really wonderful to see them.
My mind goes back to those early days of my life and now I see how we are connected.For this I thank my long lost friends.
My neighborhood in Roseland was really the best,I can see all the houses,the cars parked in the street,the people who I knew so well.
We had little crime,none that I remember.
I felt like there were many moms looking out for us.
We played baseball in the street until the streetlights came on.That meant it was time to stretch out any game we were playing as long as possible.
Every spring and summer night it was baseball,fall and winter were times for football and hockey.I loved these games.

There certainly were some ecccentrics who lived on my street.
The crossing guard Bertha who told me to get my friends together and do something about all the blacks moving in.
The 2 old men who I think were brothers who lived next to the pumping station who we never saw.
The ex Chicago bear who lived in an upstairs flat with his family.
The beagles across the street who never stopped howling for 5 years.
The TV repair guy next door who charged my dad $3.oo for travel time.He probably walked 30 feet.
The good and kind people,Mr Riley who taught me how to ride a bike.
Mr.Ooms from next door who was always kind.
The guy who drove his big truck at 5 every afternoon that always waved as he went by.
Mrs. Stein who was kinder than anyone I ever met.
The Walkers whos son became a police chief in the suburbs.
Mr. Slager who told me not to whip my arms around or they would fall off.
The guy with the 1955 Thunderbird who lived at the end of the street.It just rusted away.
My dad hand feeding the squirrels Oreos.
All the big front porches that we hung out on with no complaints,the people never minded.
The yards we would walk through as long as we shut the gates.

These were good times.It was a place to grow up that we all remember so well.