Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good Heavens

People say strange things.

I hear these a lot

Good Heavens !

Goodness Gracious!

Good God!

Jesus Christ!


Good Lord Almighty!

For Christs sake!

For Gods sake!

For the Love of God!

For Craps Sake!

Mother of God!

Mary,Mother of God!

Holy Shit! (sorry)

We all have heard these phrases.

I have used some of them in moments of anger.Maybe you have too.

Now we know God is in Heaven,we know God is Holy.
It is time to stop and think,please.


Hank said...

s good you are writing again Mike. You have talent so try and keep it up.

Hank said...

After reading my comment you can see why I am not a writer. I was just trying to say you are pretty good at it.