Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Random Stuff

I am not a surfer.
I have the most amazing,loving,sweetest,daughter in the world.I love you Michelle.
Times may be hard financially for some of us but how did my parents and grandparents make it through the Great Depression?
There has to be a cure for Alzheimer's in my lifetime.
Friends online can be pretty good friends.
Friends online can be weird.
I could never run fast.I always lost races.Maybe because I broke my leg at a young age.I don't know.
I lost 84 pounds and gained 25 back.That's ok with me.
I hate checking my blood sugar level.Waiting for that stupid meter to to me how I am bugs me.
I was married at 19,had 4 kids by the time I was 24.Now I have 13 grandchildren and am amazed.
I once broke 27 bones.
TV bores the life out of me. I like Who's Line is it Anyway? I will sit through it.
My customers are awesome people.
I like my job a lot.
I enjoy listening more than talking on my ham radios.
I can't make small talk very well.I find it excruciating.
Ron Santo is a hero of mine.
People who swear annoy me.
I really like the doxology hymn at the end of a church service.
I love getting lost in a book.
Nueropathy is hard to live with most days.
I have been ok money wise.
I have not been ok money wise.
I have friends who would go to court with me.
When I go to church,I sit in the back.Far back.
I passed a test recently for ham radio.I got 2 wrong out of 35.I found it was easy to pass .I studied pretty hard for it.
Why does Google look at every blog I make? Huh? Yes Google in Mountain View, California.
A picture I posted a long time ago about Jesus playing football gets a lot of hits.I may have missed a major point about blogging here,but I don't care.
Sometimes I write stuff that's pretty good.Sometimes I don't.But I left it all here.
I want my grand kids to know about me long after I am gone.
I miss Three Musketeer Candy Bars a lot.
Sugar free is not always really sugar free.
I can be very stubborn.
I can not sing.I am terrible at it.But I love all kinds of music.
Bye for now.

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