Sunday, March 7, 2010

Family Weekend

Friday night we went to dinner at Joel and Lisa's house in Dyer,Indiana.
Caleb and Alistair were so happy to see me they did a little dance.
These are such happy times for this old papa.

Saturday we went out to Michigan City,Indiana to have lunch with Michelle,Maddie,Whit and Belle.
I got many hugs from my girls during the lunch.We laughed a lot and took silly pictures.God gave me some amazing grand daughters.

Sunday Mark,Abbey,Alistair and Jared came over for dinner.
We waited for the ball game to start,it never did because of rain.
Alistair wanted to watch Andre again,so we did.It is a great DVD and I think I have seen it a hundred times.Alistair loves it so I did not mind at all.
Alistair always helps me feed my fish,and the dogs.
We went back to get the food and Alistair asks me "Where is Robin Papa?"
I didn't know exactly what to say.I said Robin has gone away.
He asked me again ''Where is Robin?" I said shes gone to heaven.
I know he didn't understand but he let it go.
I think if God loves us enough to let us have pets,he will make sure we see them again.
There is no Bible verse to back me up,I just have a feeling.

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MichelleWegner said...

ok...but if we do get pets in Heaven, I call Shojo and Casey. They can live in my house. :)