Sunday, March 7, 2010

How Long Will Blogs Last?

I write for my kids and my grand kids.

I wonder if the things I write will be here in 30 or 40 years.
Will there be some new technology that makes blogs unreadable?
I hope the technology that we have now in 201o won't become like a VHS tape.
I write because I think my past is important to me.
There are not many great words of wisdom here,it is just me trying to share a life.
Sharing this past of mine is a way for the future generations to know who I am,or was.
My own grandfathers have been gone many years and although I have memories of both of them,I don't know the details of the lives they led.I have a few faded photographs and that's it.
I never had any grandmothers,they both died before I was born.I am told I missed out on a lot of things. What I don't know about them both makes me wonder who they were.How and why did they do the things they did.
So,my children if you read this many years from now,know this;there was a father and grandfather who loved you with all his heart.I think about all of you everyday.
More important I have prayed everyday for you all.
It would be so interesting for me to see how you all turned out.
What do you do? Have you married? How many kids do you have?
Did you go to college? Are you in love? Are you serving God?
One more thing to say for now-I am so happy to know you and to have you in my life.When I was a younger and had Kevin,Mark,Michelle and Joel as children,I never thought about grand kids.It never occurred to me that I would have so many!
You bless me,all 13 of you.
Your papa loves you verrrrry much.

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Mel said...

Beautiful. Truly. :-)