Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fathers-Honor Your Daughters

When my daughter Michelle was born,it was one of the happiest days of my life.
I had 2 boys when she was born,and one more was to follow.

Michelle was brightness in my life.
She was pure joy for me and I loved her fully.She filled my life with a great joy.
Just to be able to carry her,and care for her was an amazing thing to me.
What father could love a daughter more then me?
Fathers,take time to take walks with your daughters,spend time alone with them.The time goes fast.Way to fast.
How proud of was,she was mine and I was hers.
Dads,take pictures.They are a great reminders of a special love that you have.

Little girls grow up,they have lives to live and other loves to find.
They will go to school.They will meet new friends.They will fall in love.
You watch them,help them,guide them through life.Your wife serves as an example.
I saw my little girl go through changes,I saw Michelle find God,early in life.
You see her through high school,you see the compassion she has for others.
Real,burning compassion.She has you picking up people for church that you worry about.Shady people.But she knows they have a need so you do it.

You drive her to Moody every Sunday night for college.These were special times,to have her to myself for an hour or so.
You see a young man hanging around the house a lot. I approve of him.More importantly he knows God.He knows God well.
He asks for your daughter hand in marriage.You ask some dumb questions about their future,knowing inside your heart he is the right one.
You give her away on a snowy day in March.
Your heart breaks.But you're happy,very happy.
You always think of her as 'my Michelle.'
Now you still worry,now she has crazy plans to go to India.But she has compassion and you know she has to go.And it is ok.
There so many things I could write about this dad's love about his daughter but it would fill many books.
Now she has 3 girls of her own,I see Michelle in each.I see compassion in their lives and I am proud of that.
So you fathers,stay close to your daughters,they are one of God's best gifts.
I love you Michelle Dawn.


Anonymous said...

Well said.. My Friend.. Gene

Anonymous said...

Thanks dad. :)

Esp. thanks for letting me have shady friends. They taught me a lot.