Thursday, April 16, 2009

For Christ's Sake

I have seen and heard this phrase a lot lately-For Christ's Sake or for God's sake.
I hear if from customers,from the public,on tv and lately on Facebook.
A popular radio host uses it on his updates for his Facebook status.
It is used easily in common speech,it is used when people have a point to make.
It is used lightly,and without thought a to what is being said.

I am mad.
I am enraged because of the use of our Lords name in vain.
I am offended.

Will it stop,no.
Will I suggest strongly that people not say For Christs Sake anymore?
I will no longer tolerate it because of ignorance,I will gently correct,once.
If I see it again or hear it again I will not be gentle.I will use very strong words.
For those of you who think the issues raised here is because I am a Christian or am sensitive to the phrase,well,yes I am.
It is for Christ's sake I am who I am.

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