Thursday, April 2, 2009

Roseland and the Hoods I Have Lived In continued again

We moved from South Park in South Holland to a house in Dolton with four bedrooms and a large basement.
The payment for this house was $160.00,the price was about $21,000.
Linda was pregnant again of course and was due to deliver right after we moved in.
She was gardening in our new garden when the baby decided to come.
I was working in Roseland at Midland Chemical when she called me.I rushed home and we drove to the hospital.
Michelle Dawn Lanting was born on May 10,1973.
My brothers each had 3 boys,I had 2 already and then Michelle came into our life.
One memory I have was calling my mom from the hospital and telling her she finally had a grand daughter.She thought I was making it up!
Since the day Michelle was born she has brought me great Joy,she has made me proud,and made me a better dad.
How much can a man love his kids? God only knows.
My boys Kevin and Mark had a new sister,what fun we has introducing them to a sister.
In 1975 we had our last boy,Joel.
We always thought the last child was the easiest.
Our lives were busy,but full of great happiness.
Linda and I laughed a lot with the kids.These were good times.
Not much money but God always supplied enough for us.

We had four kids now and a mess of dogs as usual.
Moving to another home in Dolton on Meadow Lane we paid $40,000 and the payments were about $300.00.This is the home we still live in and it seems right for us today.
The house is full as we still have dogs and thousand of books and hobby stuff.

This in not the end of the story of course,there are so many details in any families lives it is impossible to write the all in a post like this.
I owe my life to Linda my wife,in many many ways.
I can say that I have know Jesus Christ,Linda Lanting,Kevin,Lynn,Mark Abby,Michelle,Rob,Joel and Lisa. My happiness comes from them all.

Paul Simon said it best:
Now the years are rolling by me,They are rocking evenly-And I am older than I once was-And younger than I'll be, but that's not unusual.No, it isn't strangeAfter changes upon changes We are more or less the same After changes we are more or less the same

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