Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Whitney

Happy Birthday Whitney,
Look at you! Another year has gone by and now you are 9.
I hope this is one of the best birthdays you have ever had!
Grammy and me are so very proud of you,you ar very special to us and I can't tell you how much we love you.
I found what I wrote 1 year ago and I thought you might like to see it again.
God Bless You Whit

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Whitney
Hello Whitney,Today is the day you turn 8!I remember well the day you were born,I could not wait to see you and say hello for the first time.You were so adorable,I know you smiled at your old papa,and that sure made me feel good!Now we have been to 7 of your birthday parties and I am waiting for an invitation to number 8.My sweet little one,God have given you so much,a great mom and dad who loves you so much,a great family of sisters,and Grandma and Grandpa's who love you very much.Much Love and Affection,Papa

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Anonymous said...

I printed this out to give Whitney as a birthday card. I know she will love it!