Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Olden Days

Since I was a little kid,I remember asking my mom to tell me about the olden days.
She would look at me kind funny,then tell me of the days of her youth,her parents and such thing like that.
My dad often told me of his olden days,when dad and my Uncle Bill were cowboys out on the great plain.
Dad had a scar on his belly which was in the shape of an arrow,Uncle Bill had an identical scar high on his forehead.
This of course led to stories of great Indian battles and somehow,wounded,they came out victorious. Amazing!
I still think about the olden days,I can look at pictures of Civil War veterans for hours,I try to see their eyes,there are stories there.I think of a lost Illinois soldier with no name on his photograph.I see his mom and dad and wonder if the home there was a happy one.
I see pictures bodies on a battlefield,now long forgotten,there is no trace,just a picture.These were real people,just like you and me.I wonder about them,did they know Jesus,did they go to Sunday School as kids?
Many times now in my life I have walked battlefields,as my brother Bud has.I think of the terror,the courage,the futility of wars.The idiocy of Generals prevails on these fields of honor.
So olden days stay with me,I hope they always will.


Michelle Wegner said...

And that's why it's so important to keep writing this stuff down, so we can tell our kids about "the olden days." :0)
KEEP WRITING! It is so important!

Brother Bud said...

Mike, Michelle is right about continuing to write about the past. There are so many questions that I wish I could have asked. Dad and Uncle Bill were amazing Indian fighters but I'm afraid they fought more Cleveland Indians then any others.
I'm also fascinated with old pictures and wonder about who these people were and the stories that they could tell. I'm not sure if I am being morbid but when I look at old pictures from the past it always strikes me that they are all dead. I wonder how they died and if they are in Heaven. I guess I am a little strange when it comes to that.