Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Burden

He often travelled the world,the burden was always on his shoulder.No matter where he went it was there.
It was heavy and becoming heavier.When he was old he could barley lift it.He had to lift it,he had no choice.
The sky looked good,the water even better but the burden never left him.Days and nights it was with him.
Nights were supposed to be the relief,sleep might hide it for a while.
Sleep interrupted suddenly made the days worse.A sudden awakening at 3 AM made it so.
It was there at 3 AM it was there when he was in mid day.

The thought of doing something drastic slowly entered his mind.
He tried to put the thoughts away but his burden would not let him.It never left him.

He saw friends go.He knew it was true,when you got money you got friends.Now he had no more money,he had just a few friends left.No one wanted to be around him with that burden he had on his shoulder.
If he believed in God,it no longer mattered,he still carried it.He could never let it go how could he?
A night in confused and mixed up prayer brought him to what was the only answer he ever could find.He found it in the book of Psalms.

Cast your burden upon the LORD and He will sustain you;He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.
He didn't feel righteous but he knew God was truth.
He did not feel religious but he also knew he could not be alone with this burden one second more.
When he threw it,he threw it far.It could no longer be found.
He knew he would be going Home to say thank you,thank you,thank you.


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