Saturday, February 5, 2011

He Hid Most of the Time

In high school and well grammar school too.
I noticed John when I was very young.I noticed he kept away,he kept to himself.

His mom would come to school to feed him lunch.
We were all afraid of John,He was subject to strange fits.Violent fits.

After he would with withdraw,he stopped speaking.He would not look at me.Or anyone.

He is in a few class photos,looking tall,standing always in the back row.
Looking away and looking scary.

I don't think I ever said much if anything to him and of course now looking back I regret this a great deal.

I know he was with us in high school until one day his mom came for him.She told us John was going to a special school where he would receive special treatment.

I don't know what brings John to my mind after so many years.I just know now that I take the time to talk to those who may not even understand me.

Life lesson learned.

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