Friday, February 4, 2011


I saw Joe minor league baseball a few years ago.
He was of course a superstar in high school. Everybody had the highest hopes.

He signed with a new minor league team a few years later.

The team manager like him,his team mates like him too.
Baseball came natural to Joe,he played everyday when he was a kid.
He was well grounded in the fundamentals of the game.Second base was where he lived his life playing defence.He was good,very good.
He was offered a contact with a major league team out west.The kid showed great stuff his first year.The second year was not as good but still not bad.
Year 3 things fell apart.He seemed lost as second base and his hitting plummeted to a pitiful .198.
A wife came along this year,a baby boy soon followed.
Year 4 things started to look up.His coaches instructed him.He worked harder then ever.His average at mid-season climbed,people once again adored him for his abilities.
He once again became the heart of his team,everybody loved Joe.
Joe played many years in baseball.He had an excellent record,he had many friends.His family loved him and was very proud.
When it came time to retire Joe had it all planned.He would buy several car dealer ships.He had enough money to buy several.
When Joe was killed by a drunk driver it was a cool and quiet morning.
When Joe got to heaven everyone asked"what was the greatest thrill in your life,there must be many to choose from.
Joe said quietly and humbly,it was the day I gave my life to Jesus.I found out He was real,he was involved in my life.He died for me.
All heaven applauded Joe.

My question to God was,why? Why Joe of all people?
He was loved here,he had a family.He had everything.
My Lord put His finger on my lips and said it was not his will that we die like Joe.
The He said,I took your place in death so you will live eternally with me.
I don't think I understand it all,but Joe does and Jesus does.That is a good thing.

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