Saturday, February 5, 2011

All My Life I Have Picked Up Pebbles

Small stones,small pebbles.
If there is a lake nearby or a river,that is where the pebble will go.

It may be silly,but I will look at it and wonder how old it is.How long has it lain there waiting to be picked up by me?

Sometimes these small pebbles just bog to be skipped across the water,I was at one time quite good at it.Now sore shoulders and sore hands make me not as good.Ah,well life goes on.

I guess I spend my life throwing small stones.I love disturbing the water a bit and watching the ripples until they fade as if nothing happened.

This is best when you are alone and you then sit by the waters edge.

Sometimes your mind needs to rest and do nothing important.

Be a kid again,throw that stone.