Friday, January 28, 2011

To The Boy and The Old Man Who Was Lost

I saw you from here,it was easy for me.I am one who loves you as you are.
You knew,down deep inside that I had been watching and waiting for you a very long time.
You had been close to me and sometimes you were quite far from me.I knew you would come back of course,it was just a matter of time.
You did not need to worry like you did about passing a test.There was never a test I gave you.There were trials you needed to understand your life and to point your life more towards me.

You did not need to worry about your family.
While your time is getting close,you do not have to worry about your wife.You know that I will watch over her too like I have for so many of your years.
You did not have to hide the bad things from her,she loved you deeply.Just like I do.
She understood you better then you thought.She and I both knew your needs.Your fears were understood and you needed to let all that go before you came home.
The deep love you have for all your family always made me smile.The friends that came your way were special.They were people that you needed at the time.
I have been waiting for you.I have helped and protected you when you did not know.
Your blessings arrived in your life when you needed them most.
Angels have been with you.They will be with you again when you get here,that is something to look forward to isn't it?
I laughed along with you at the absurd,the strange things people do.I always love your sense of humour.Your God laughs easy and often.Did you forget that?

The children brought us great joy.They are wonderful people.
I know the times when you thought you failed with the children and I know you still have doubts.Have no fear,all children are in my hands.Always.

Remember my forgiveness,I know you don't always.Put the past away now and live.
No, I am not telling you the day or the hour.Be ready.
Think of me as I think of you.
A friend of ours recently wrote about how I said I was very fond of him.
You know I am awfully fond of you too
I will see you soon.
With Love Everlasting,

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Nie Jiyang said...

wow,your life looks very happy!!
best wishes for you..^_^