Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Friends Down Under

For many years I have secretly been in love with another country,Australia!
I have read many books,scanned the local papers I find online published in the smallest towns with most odd names ever. The stories usually make me asking more questions.

I read about the animals which to us Americans seem so bizarre! We have snakes and bugs here obviously but they have bugs and snakes that can kill you right quick!

I read about the history,early settlements,how they became our allies in all foreign wars and most of all I read about the people.
We seem to have many natural disasters here in the USA and so do they.
Wildfires where it seems half the country is fire,dust storms that reduce visibility to zero and now of course the floods.
My friend Will Lanting sent me a link where I can watch the coverage.I saw the damage,the heartbreak,and now I see the water is coming down a bit.

The damage remains and now the people of Australia are coming together to help clean up and rebuild.
Nothing has impressed me more then to see the courage and tremendous spirit of the people.
Complete strangers showing up a house to clean it,not for money,not for thanks,just because this is the right thing to do.
It reminds me of 9.1.11 when we had that same spirit of coming together to fight terrorism and to mourn for the lost.

The times will be hard,the loss is great yet I see the spirit of my friends down under and I love that country even more.
God bless you.

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Susan Ham said...

Thank you, Mike. Yes, we do have a great spirit of getting in, and doing what needs to be done. I think Americans are the same.
There are of course, a minotiry of 'low lifes' who will loot and try to 'make a buck' from the misery and tragedy. But, thank God they are few.