Sunday, January 2, 2011

Facebook is Cool

A few years ago I join Facebook and really did not have many expectations about it.

Well,it really surprised me how many people I have connected with,not only from my past but people I did not know existed have become very good friends.
I don't know how many countries are represented but it is amazing to me.
If I don't know the language there is Google Translator which is an awesome program.Google continually is updating this and adding more languages.

Facebook has bugs and flaws but I can deal with that,it's a small part of it.

I found many people who lived on 104th place when I did as a kid.
The girl next door(Janis),the girl across the street(Mary Ann) and Kenny who lived across the street and a few houses down.
Using my last name in the search function I found hundreds of Lantings spread around the world. How cool is that?
I enjoy Facebook a lot,five hundred million of us do.

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