Sunday, January 2, 2011

Simple Easy Times

It's now the second day of the new year 2011.
Looking back over the year 2010,I find the simple things are the things I liked best.
The times with family of course mean the most to me.Christmas,Easter,Thanksgiving we all get together,all 23 of us.

The next best thing is I joined a local church which I am very happy to attend.
Great people there and I enjoy them very much.The church is very old and well established.
The are many old people there and our pastor is 27.Pastor Matt Waterstone has his hands full and does and excellent job leading us.

Business was up a little but still nowhere near what it should be.I am grateful for the work I do have as I really love what I do for a living.We will try to match our record income which happened a long time ago.

I guess I am an optimist,I have to be.

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