Monday, January 10, 2011

A Day For Remembering Our Sailors

Not long ago I sold a book to a sailor on the USS Juneau.
I sell a lot of books on the Internet and don't give much thought to who gets them.
This time I had to stop and think about where this book was going.
The sailor said there was no rush to get it because he would not see land for another 4 months.
Four months.
So tonight I am grateful for your service son,and I thank you.

This one one of thousands of sailors patrolling seas that are danger filled.How may sons,daughters,moms and dads are serving on the watch tonight?
They are serving for me and they are serving for you.
24 hours a day,they are serving us,we must always remember the dedication these people have.They remain watchful for us.They are diligent for us.They are following the orders they receive.
Think now of sailors in the Atlantic,the Pacific,the Barents Sea,the Indian Ocean,the seas of all the world.Think of them as family,think of them as loved ones who are away for a very long time.
Today I honor you,and I thank you.

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