Sunday, July 20, 2008

Where There Is Peace

Me-reading on the patio,the dogs playing around,chewing sticks they always find.
Drinking coffee,the radio on softly in the background.
Lost in the book,I see her at the door coming out to join me.
She has her book and reads,we are both quiet and a bit tired.
She has put up with my hobby,today she drove me 50 miles to see some friends at a ham radio get together,a gathering of nerds.But we both enjoyed it a lot with the company of Mark,who recently became a ham radio operator.
She suggests ravioli for dinner,it is excellent.
We are back inside now both lost in our books,content.
A short visit from my Michelle, Rob and the 3 girls.
Today has been a simple day with lots of walking,my blood sugar level is actually normal today.
It has been a common day,no suprises,no emergencies,not much of anything happened.
Lesson learned again and again.Find pleasure in simple things.Un-complicate life as much as you can.
Live life in peace,there you can find God.

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Brother Bud said...

Life can be good with just the simple things brother.