Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thinking Out Loud

Well not out loud but always thinking.

Keys to Happiness book really are awful.

I do not care what movie stars think,or what they do or what causes they support.

Baptists sure can take themselves seriously.This is not a bad thing,just an observation.

One of the stores I go to almost every day here in town has the parking lot flooded with Jehovah's Witnesses.They need a new territory.
They now know me by sight and seldom approach.Maybe because I tell Linda "RUN!" when the get near us.It is a kick.

You never see Catholics in parking lots preaching.Sometimes Baptists are out and about.

I am hunting for a cure for the Neuropathy I have.Some web sites and doctors say its hopeless.One doc says its a bear to treat.
I do know a Great Physician,and am asking Him for a cure.Ask with me,please.

Reading Craigslist rants and raves is awful.These people are sick in the head.

If you are a Cubs fan,this is a good year.If they win or lose at the end of the year,I am happy for the ride so far.

My customers ask me sometimes what will they do if I should die.Who will service their clocks?
I tell them I do not know what they will do.Why would I care? Sheeesh.

In 35 years in being in business,I have had less then 10 bad checks,probably about 5.I think (know)this is a blessing from God.

I am still happily married,isn't that one of God's best gifts?
I am great full for an understanding and forgiving wife.I seem to make a lot of mistake's.

I have a deep affection for my brother Bud.

more to come

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