Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Historian

Currently reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova.
I am stretched.It is very interesting and I find this is a very good,if deep book.
I am looking for a redeeming value of the book as I am reading it.I find the exposure to different cultures fascinating.
It truly is a good feeling to get lost in a book.To go places in my mind that I know I will never visit saddens me,but I am so glad to read about them.
Right now I am in Budapest,who knows anything about that city?
It is amazing the politics of the past,the wars and the times of peace.
Off to work on some clocks,then back to my latest book.

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Anonymous said...

Rob read the Historian and loved it. I started it but never finished.
I spent the night in Budapest once in a hotel with Maddie and Whitney when they were 2 and 4. I remember eating pizza in our hotel room and not being able to watch anything on tv because nothing was in English. They had TBN in Hungarian and i remember thinking that was really weird.
Memorable experience.