Tuesday, July 22, 2008

She Married

These are 2 kids I used to know.

She married a boy from an Asian country.
The parents frown but try to love.
The situation is bad,she married for someone she thought was exotic I suppose.
He wants go take her and the child back to his home land.His parents insist.
If she goes back,she knows somehow she will never come back.Not ever.
She tries figuring out Gods will now,a bit late I thought.

She comes to me asking what to do.
I ask is the marrige real,is it a maraige before God?
She says no.Not now,not anymore.
I ask about his homeland.She would be almost in bondage to her husband,his brothers and his father.
The mother in law's opinion is not valid.Women can not be expexted to make decisions of importance,they can only buy groceries.
I ask her about this life style,is this what God would want you to do?
She stays here,he goes to his homeland "for a while".
She fears for her life and remains hiding,under a diffrent name.

I posted this in the hope that some oter innocent girl will see through these things with eyes wide open.

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Rob is not that bad, Dad...