Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Michael Peters,Cubs Fan

I have been a baseball fan all my life.
The Cubs Won the Series in 1969,the Santo years.I am coming out,I am taking all the credit. I did it.It was me who helped the Cubs win.
The early years we could only catch a game on the radio.It was a challenge then because only a few had radio's in the depression years.
We suffered then,always hoping for the Series championship.1945 did not count I thought.All the good guys were still fighting WW II.
The 1940's were awful.But we always had some hope some miracle would happen.
In 1948 I saw the first television broadcast on a small 6 inch screen of a Cubs-White Sox exhibition game.
The Sox won,4 to 1.

I watched every game I could.It was my passion.My wife, my family liked the Cubs,but they did not understand my passion.I loved the Cubs.
It was in 1969 I thought the Cubs had a chance to go all the way.
At the end of the season I could see the hated Mets were taking away our chance.
The 6 inch tv I had seen the Cubs on first had been in my attic for many years.When I was up in the attic I would turn it on to see if it still came on.It did.
The Mets were running away with my season,my heart was breaking once again.
While in the last part of the season I would go into my attic,turn on that old box and watch the Cubs on channel 9.
I slept often during innings,by this time I was getting into my 60's and a nap always did me good.
While napping I would dream about the inning being played.In my mind I changed what Jack Brickhouse was broadcasting.
I woke,seeing what I dreamed has really come true.
Changing what was broadcast was becoming a thing I never thought possible.
It became easy,dreaming of home runs, dreaming of long runs of victories,
Dreaming of Ron Santo,hitting 6 grand slam home runs in the final games of that season.
Of course the Cubs won in 1969,everyone knows that.
I have never turned that tv on again,I wanted to see if they can win now on their own.
It is now 2008.and the Cubs have a lead in the national league.I am filled again with hope.
I may go up into the attic later in the season.Or,maybe not.

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