Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ellen,She Never Knew. Written For Maddie

Ellen never knew why she was not liked.
She had no friends in school.She always walked alone.
It began has a stupid kid's prank.In grammar school.
Spread a rumor.Tell all she has very bad body odor.
Laugh,look at her tears.
Ellen was not very pretty,she wore ugly glasses.
Her mother once had a birthday party for her.
About 10 or 12 attended,It was another disaster for Ellen.
She was the joke,she was the ugly one who had bad body odor and wore those ugly glasses.
She could not fit in with the others.
Steal her money from her desk,tell others how she cried again.Laugh.
High school was worse for Ellen.How alone can one person be?
I never saw her walking with anyone.
I heard they stole her yearbook.
How alone she must have felt.
I never saw Ellen again.She has been on my mind all these years.
How could we make it up to her now,so many years later?

My dear Maddie,watch the kids in your class,in your neighborhood.
A kind word,a small word of encouragement might make all the difference in the world to a kid.
Maddie I see in a kindness an awareness of how others feel..I know you are a person of great worth to all of us.
You are really a special kid to me,imagine how special you are to our Jesus.
Written with much love for you.
Love Papa

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Anonymous said...

Maddie will love this. I can't wait to show it to her. She has a special love for the down and outers.