Sunday, August 3, 2008

Death and Other Pleasing Thoughts For Your Enjoyment

You know,I am tired of death.I am tired of friends going before me.
I understand Lord why old people die,I don't always understand those deaths that seem so wrong.
I know my ways are not yours,but Lord forgive me and help me to become a more mature Christ-like person.

We don't suffer much here in America,I suppose because this was a blessing bestowed on us long ago.Can we give credit to the founding fathers of our land?
I think so.

Abe Lincoln was not gay.
I have read 99 per cent of his writings.His biographers never mention such a silly thing.
Have you who say so read as much as I? Have you researched his life from boyhood to his death as much as I? No,I did not think so.
You are deluded and need to get real.

If time does not exist in heaven,what is a clockmaker suppose to do.
God,I can fix clocks pretty well,I can raise a family pretty well,I am happily married after many years.I read a lot of books.
So Lord,what's the plan.
Ok,I will wait to find out.Just curious about it all.Thank You.

Looking at kids I taught in Sunday School,I see a lot of those kids have married and are raising families of their own.
I see some great success stories,I see some are divorced.
Lord, did I do any good there at all?
Not asking because I want credit or more points with You.
I guess I can wait to talk to you about it all.But part of me wants credit,maybe this is a sin,I don't know.
Well,life goes on and You have been with me every second of every day.
Thank You

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